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UK Remote Companies: Work from home in the UK

Ever wonder why on so many remote job listings, a company lists specific countries applicants should reside in order to apply? You might see something like ¨Remote in the UK, Germany, Spain¨ etc. Well, it’s typically because those companies have hiring powers in the countries they list on the job description. And they are conscious of staying compliant while hiring an internationally distributed team. 


So after we’ve all been thrust into the world of remote working, why not find the best opportunities open to you, irrespective of where you’re based? Really utilising the benefits of remote working. You’re not geographically tied to the companies locally. You can now be based in a rural part of Scotland and work for a company in London, for example. Or even better join a remote-first company that has no office at all! 


Remote-Friendly Companies who want to hire remote employees (not independent contractors)


It’s helpful to know, as a job seeker, that there are some complexities to hiring across international borders. To save everyone a lot of trouble (and money) remote companies can hire within a country where the company has a legal entity. They can easily hire you locally as an employee rather than an independent contractor. Staying compliant with local employment and social security laws. Those that they will be much more familiar with when compared to a country where they have no legal entity. And you can work remotely, and pay taxes in the UK, all while benefiting from local employment and security laws. 


So for a remote employee in the UK, the statutory employee benefits look like this: 


  • Statutory Sick Pay
  • Statutory Maternity pay – 36 weeks, Paternity – 1-2 weeks, Adoption & shared parental leave
  • Minimum notice periods for dismissal
  • Protection against unfair dismissal
  • Statutory redundancy pay
  • Time off for emergencies
  • 28 days paid time off (can be inclusive of the 8 public holidays)


You’ll be pleased to know that many remote-first companies will have additional benefits that are unique to a remote-team. Most include company retreats, so you have to get together with your team every few months, like Graphy. Some have a monthly remote working budget, like Human Made, and others shift to a 4 day week from May to September, like Jetti! And if you’re really lucky, you’ll join a remote team that has hired a ¨Head of Remote¨ like Impala, to manage the general happiness and wellbeing of the team. 


There are so many UK Remote companies! That is, they have their Headquarters in the UK, or in the case that they are remote-first, and don’t have an office anywhere, they are registered in the UK. This gives them hiring power there, meaning you’ll be hired as an employee, and you’ll get all the statutory benefits listed above. 


If you’re thinking, ¨but I get paid more as a contractor¨, consider this: if you’re thinking about buying a house, you’ll likely need to apply for a mortgage, for that you’ll need a contract of employment. Or if you’re planning to have a child in the near future, you’ll probably want a contract of employment to avail of maternity or paternity leave. These are big decisions and having the security of a contract of employment will bring considerable peace of mind. Not to mention the fact that by not being hired as an independent contractor you won’t have the headache of managing your own taxes and such. Win-win.


We wrote an entire article discussing how remote companies can hire compliantly while hiring a team spread across multiple countries. Outlining what that means for you, and how best to prepare yourself to engage in an employment agreement that works best for you. 


While many of these companies hire remotely throughout the world. If you’re based in the UK, you have a remote job with a company that has a legal entity in the UK, the chances are, you’ll get an employment contract. On top of the nice benefits that many of these companies provide, you’ll also be protected by local employment and social security laws. Not to be sniffed at during times of a pandemic. 


Browse through this list of UK Remote Companies, and bookmark those that look interesting to you. Even if they aren’t hiring right now, go ahead and send an open application! 


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UK Remote Companies


  1. 7Bridges
  2. Ably – All UK remote (travel to London office once a month)
  3. Amiqus – Tech for good, compliance checks, Remote UK, Transparent hiring
  4. Aula
  5. Human Made
  6. Incling
  7. Bit Zesty
  8. Artificial
  9. Resource Guru
  10. Aurity
  11. Bookwhen
  12. Boords
  13. Canonical – hire entry-level, juniors positions
  14. Cleo – 
  15. Dataswift
  16. DeepCrawl – Mainly hire remote in the UK
  17. Ellipsis 
  19. Flyt
  20. Gatekeeper
  21. Hanno
  22. Hexpress healthcare
  23. Impala – Benefits meticulously designed for a remote team!!!
  24. Insights
  25. Intent Technologies
  26. Koozai
  27. Kraken
  28. Mobiloud
  29. Monzo
  30. Overleaf
  31. Overloop – Remote-first
  32. Pollenary
  33. Pandable
  34. Revolut – Financial Services
  35. Ruby Labs
  36. Sendible
  37. SlashData
  38. Stickyeyes
  39. Symless
  40. Tyk
  41. Graphy
  42. Noiiz
  43. Merj
  44. Jetti
  45. Argent
  46. Chaser
  47. Edge Network
  48. Eedi – education
  49. Error
  50. Etch
  51. Form3
  52. FreeAgent
  53. HelpDocs
  54. Holo Meeting
  55. Hopin – remote-first, they hire globally
  56. Hubbub – 4.9 on Glassdoor, Fundraising
  57. Interdax
  58. Leaf
  59. Lifted
  60. Lokalise
  61. Looper Insights
  62. Monzo
  63. Much Better Adventures
  64. NeoMam Studios
  65. OLIO
  66. Omnipresent 
  67. Perchpeek – HQ in London
  68. Plural AI
  69. PPC Protect – Excellent benefits
  70. ProFinda
  71. Prolific
  72. Quix
  73. Silico
  74. Six to Start
  75. Stacker – remote-first
  76. Student Beans
  77. Sweatcoin – interesting benefits! (Winter escapes to warmer climates)
  78. Vestd – Financial, general remote in the UK
  79. Visly – a design tool for developers
  80. Uncapped
  81. untied
  82. Weaveworks
  83. Zapiet

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