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The Future of Work: Remote, Asynchronous, with a 4-day work week

Remote work, work-life balance, asynchronous communication, and, the most recent one, a 4-day work week have been the buzzwords of the workplace for some time now. If we put these all together, you’ll find yourself in a pretty perfect work environment. In this article, we have compiled a list of the companies that are hiring remotely in Europe, and are offering a 4 day week 🥳

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Image source: The Week, Mar 2021

How are companies attracting and retaining talent now?

A recent report from ADP Research Institute discovered that 64% of employees, about 32,000 people surveyed in different countries, said that “they have already, or would consider, looking for a new job if their employer wanted them back in the office full-time.”

The most recent news that excited the remote work community was AirBnb announcing its remote, work from anywhere policy. In a matter of weeks, Airbnb reported more than 800,000 people visiting its careers page. The answer to talent attraction and retention challenges seems simple – allow people to live and work wherever they choose. Make remote work work.

The idea of a full-time job is changing

People are beginning to seriously question what a “full time job” means. As companies go fully remote and many are beginning to consider shorter work weeks,employees are discovering that work doesn’t have to be the way it has been for decades: daily commute to the office, 40 hours/week, Monday through Friday, clock in/clock out schedule, etc.

Remote work is no longer a perk as it used to be a few years ago and the Great Resignation is at many companies’ doorstep. Companies are losing talent through requesting their teams to return to the office. Employers are forced to rethink their work model. The puzzle is not too hard to solve: the less flexibility there is, the harder it is to retain talent. You either offer a possibility to work remotely or you lose your most valuable asset – your people.

Imagine offering remote work and a 4-day work week model! The most possible outcome is that companies will start seeing people flocking to its career pages as AirBnb has seen it happen after going fully remote.

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4-day work week is on the rise and is here to stay

The trend of a 4-day work week is on the rise. Buffer, one of the pioneers in a 4 day work week model, gives astonishing statistics on how their teams happiness and productivity changed:

  • 91% of Buffer’s team are happier and more productive working four days a week. 
  • 84% of employees were able to get the work required of them completed in the new four-day week 
  • on the scale from 1 to 5, stress levels decreased from 3.3 → 2.7

Many companies have started to test a 4-day work week model already. 4 Day Work Week, a not-for-profit community that advocates and encourages employers to support the idea of a 4-day week, learned that 63% of businesses found it easier to attract and retain talent with a 4 day work week.


Image source: Business Insider, Jan 2022

Top 10 remote 4-day work week companies that hire in Europe

To help job seekers in Europe connect with remote companies that offer 4 day work weeks, EU Remote Jobs has identified top 10 remote companies that are constantly growing and that have made their work weeks shorter in the past few years.

1. Buffer

Buffer is a streamlined social media management platform trusted by thousands of businesses and individuals. 

Buffer’s work culture blog.

2. GooseChase

GooseChase is an online platform that helps organizers create and run digital scavenger hunt experiences through players’ mobile devices. 

GooseChase’s values that matter.

3. Awin Global

Awin is an affiliate marketing platform. Awin and ShareASale announced a 4-day work week in early 2021, after a successful six month 4.5-day work week pilot. 

Awin Group: An award-winning workplace.

4. Bunny Studio

Bunny Studio is a creative fulfillment platform powered by technology and by humans with a globally distributed team. 

Voted #1 Best Remote Startup to work for.

5. Meilisearch

MeiliSearch is a RESTfull search API that is the ready-to-go solution for everyone wanting a powerful, fast, and relevant search experience for their end-users. 

Meilisearch supports the mental health of its employees without interfering.

6. Piktochart

Picktochart enables their users to design and make infographics, presentations, and videos with just a few clicks. 

How Picktochart used 2020 to reinvent itself.

7. Indebted

InDebted is on a mission to be the preferred choice of customers to support their debt free journey, everywhere.

How InDebted transitioned to a 4 day work week.

8. Wildbit

Wildbit is the team behind Postmark, Beanstalk, DMARC Digests, and People-First Jobs. 

Why Wildbit implemented a 4-day work week.

9. Uplift

Uplift is on a mission to perfect our work life while learning, building, and enjoying our free time. 

Life at Uplift.


WhenThen is a no-code open payments operations platform.

WhenThen Piloting a 4-day week.

More remote companies that hire in Europe and support a 4-day work week model

Remote work and the 4-day week model are here to stay. EU Remote Jobs is always publishing full time remote opportunities within European time zones. We’ve even implemented a filter for 4 day week, so you can quickly access all the 4 day week positions listed on our platform:

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Our goal is to keep expanding our list of companies that support 4 day weeks, so feel free to reach out if you’d like to get your company added! 

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