The Best Websites to Find a Remote Job in Europe

Kickstart the new year with a remote job to gain access to a more flexible schedule. Spend time doing the things you love, whether that is travelling the world or simply having more time with family. We have compiled a list of the best websites to find remote jobs in Europe, Middle-East or African time zones. Add these to your browser to keep up to date with the latest remote jobs open to European time zones. 

There has been a huge surge in the number of companies hiring remotely within Europe. The distribution of remote jobs around the world is finally balancing out. You no longer need to be based in the Americas to access work from home jobs. Here, you will find the best websites listing many remote jobs for EU time zones.

Work remotely Europe

Use your time wisely when applying for a remote job

One of the biggest challenges of finding a remote job is that the application process is long. Very long. Companies hiring remote tend to ask for a lot in the first stage as a way of screening the hundreds, if not, thousands of applications they receive for each open remote position. 

Applying for a remote job is very different when compared to traditional jobs. Competition is fierce. So focus on quality over quantity when applying for a home-based job. Doist lists this as the number 1 mistake when applying for a remote job. Generic cover letters will get you nowhere.

Often remote job boards curate content from other sites, which is great as they do all of the hard work for you. But this means that a job may have been originally posted days or even weeks beforehand. So make sure you are investing time in an application for a job that is actually still open. You can double-check on the company’s website, LinkedIn page or AngelList profile.

Although we strive to be the best remote job board for European time zones, we know we don’t list every single remote job that is open at every given time. So we recommend checking a few different sites to find the best work from home job for you.

Here is our list of the best websites to find a full-time remote job within European time zones, rather than freelance work. Along with some tips on how to use each one to get the best results based on where in the world you are located and what skills you have.

Where to find remote jobs in Europe

EU Remote Jobs

Our remote job site is dedicated to listing work from home jobs within European, Middle Eastern or African time zones. Each remote job that is listed here is open to candidates within EMEA unless otherwise stated. Occasionally, they are country-specific within Europe. All jobs posted on the site stay active for 30 days and then disappear. You can browse the full list of open positions starting with the most recent, listed by job title, company, and employment type. Or filter by job category, including remote design jobs, remote marketing jobs, etc. New home-based jobs are listed daily. is one of the most popular remote job sites, and rightly so. They have a wide range of remote jobs in various different categories, this is often lacking in other remote job sites. You’ll find work from home jobs within Finance, Healthcare, Legal, Data Entry, alongside all of the usual categories – Marketing, Sales, Software Development, etc. There are quite a few entry-level positions listed too. But it’s definitely worth doing your research on the quality of the companies that are listed here. The site might not be the best in terms of UX, but new remote jobs are listed almost daily.


Yes, LinkedIn. Still not the easiest tool to use for remote jobs. But good because there are many home-based jobs posted from companies that operate on a hybrid model (office-based and remote employees). Using Linkedin rather than a remote job website is likely to be considerably less competitive. 

The key to finding the remote positions posted on Linkedin is in the search function. You should type a keyword related to the job you are looking for,  ̈AND Remote ̈ and hit ¨search.¨ Here are some examples:

Remote Job Search


Work from home job search


AngelList is a fantastic resource for finding opportunities to work remotely. Loaded with office-based or remote jobs from Startups and tech companies all over the world. You can filter by remote companies, and break it down further with regional filters. There is also an option to exclude keywords, a pretty handy added feature. And similar to Linkedin, it will be a lot less competitive than those opportunities that are on a remote job website.

Find a remote job on AngelList


There are plenty of additional websites for finding remote work, but these are our pick of the best resources for European time zones. Some of the larger and better known remote job sites share large volumes of work from home jobs. The problem is that the vast majority of those jobs are for candidates living in or around US time zones. They also receive so many visitors that makes for heavy competition. Go niche and avoid the masses.

As more and more companies opt for a remote-first model you can be sure that finding a remote job will only get easier.

Good luck!

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