The Best Ways to Find a Remote Job in Europe

There has been a huge surge in the number of companies hiring remotely within Europe. The distribution of remote jobs around the world is finally balancing out. You no longer need to be based in the Americas to access work from home jobs.

Are you looking for a remote job within European timezones, with no previous experience working remotely? We’re here to help and bring you closer to landing your next remote work opportunity soon!

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best ways to find remote jobs across Europe, Middle-East and Africa. Bookmark them in your browser to keep up to date with the latest remote jobs open to European time zones. 

Quality over quantity when applying for a remote job

quality over quantity

Applying for a remote job is very different when compared to traditional jobs. Competition is fierce. So focus on quality over quantity when applying for a home-based job. Doist lists this as one of the top mistakes job seekers make when applying for a remote job. Generic cover letters will get you nowhere. This is the perfect place to demonstrate you’ve done your research into the company, their product and the culture, explaining why YOU would make a great addition to the team. Make sure your CV is remote work friendly.

Often remote job boards curate content from other sites, which is great as they do all of the hard work for you. But this means that a job may have been originally posted days or even weeks beforehand. This essentially means that by the time you are seeing it, the job could already be filled. So the time you’ve spent creating the perfect application is wasted, while for the company, it creates a bad candidate experience. So make sure you are investing time in an application for a job that is actually still open. Rest assured that if it’s listed on EU Remote Jobs, the company is recruiting for the position.

Here is our list of the best ways to find a full-time remote job within European time zones, rather than freelance work, along with some tips on how to use each one to get the best results based on where in the world you are located and what skills you have.

How to find remote jobs in Europe, Middle-East or Africa

Many companies list specific countries from where they can hire for tax and legal purposes. Although, the good news with this is that you will likely be hired as a full-time employee of the company. It can be a little frustrating for those who are based in regions often left out of these lists. Simply because navigating local legislation is more complex from afar.

eu remote jobs

Here’s the general steps to follow when searching for a remote job: 

  1. Widen your search to Worldwide or Anywhere
  2. Enter regional searches such as EMEA, Europe, Africa, etc. 
  3. Search based on the country where you are based
  4. Contact the hiring manager if you are unsure about whether you can apply from where you are based
  5. If you like the look of a company, but they don’t have any open positions that match your skills send them a spontaneous application

EU Remote Jobs

Our remote job site is dedicated to listing work from home jobs within European, Middle Eastern or African time zones. Each remote job that is listed here is open to candidates within EMEA unless otherwise stated. All of the remote jobs posted on EU Remote Jobs stay active for 30-40 days and then disappear. 

You can browse the full list using a number of different filters such as categories, part-time, full-time, or temporary. We’ve also added tags to make this even easier, so you can quickly filter by popular programming languages or even jobs that are 4 day week! 

Join communities for remote workers

build community

Grow Remote

Grow remote is an Irish not for profit organization helping people to work, live and participate locally. They do this by making remote work (via employment) both visible and accessible.

Grow Remote offers a mini-course for jobseekers in Ireland to help people find and apply for remote work. 

We are async 

We are async is a community who advocate and actively support not only remote work, but asynchronous communication when it comes to working remotely. You can find remote first, async companies listed on their site with open job positions. 

Join to check remote, async jobs

Remotely One

Remotely One is a community for meeting and networking with other location-independent professionals, 

The RemotelyOne slack channel is one of the largest, worldwide communities inviting remote, distributed, nomad, and telework professionals to network and share their experiences, remote work challenges, and more!

More communities for finding remote work

Here’s some excellent online communities that you should join if you want to expand your network and get more access to remote work opportunities. 

Remote Jobs and Digital Nomads

A great place to share remote job opportunities, travel advice, job tips, and anything work and travel-related.

Worktugal | Best Remote Work Community in Portugal

One of the best remote work communities for job seekers that already live in or want to relocate to Portugal. A fantastic place to connect with the Portuguese remote work community. 

Portuguese Women in Tech

An exceptional community working for a more diverse and inclusive tech community in Portugal. Portuguese Women in Tech supports women in technology by providing visibility, networking, mentorship and by creating trainings and other opportunities.

Remote Jobs – Work From Anywhere

A great place for job seekers and employers hiring remotely. As a job seeker you can even post your skills and experience. Many job listings published in the group can be based anywhere in the world. 

Remote Workers on LI

Remote Workers on LI is a LinkedIn group dedicated to bringing together digital nomads and remote workers from around the world to share, discuss and exchange ideas. You’ll find lots of useful resources and information there. 

Digital Nomads – Remote IT Jobs

Digital Nomads – Remote IT Jobs is a LinkedIn group that regularly posts full time, remote jobs across the world. 

Go niche and avoid the masses when looking for a remote job

go niche

There are plenty of additional communities for finding remote work in Europe, but these are our pick of the best resources for European time zones. 

Some of the larger and better known remote job sites share large volumes of work from home jobs. The problem is that the vast majority of those jobs are for candidates living in or around US time zones. They also receive so many visitors that makes for heavy competition. Go niche and avoid the masses!

As more and more companies opt for a remote-first model you can be sure that finding a remote job will only continue to get easier.

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