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A remote job site dedicated to European time zones

We are committed to sharing the best remote jobs within European, African & Middle Eastern time zones. Each remote job posted on EU Remote Jobs is vetted to ensure it meets the time zone requirements. With a particular preference given to remote-first companies who recognise the unique needs of hiring a remote team, and who have processes and benefits in place to fully support them to do their best work.

We believe remote work is the future of work. That it provides a more equal distribution of employment regardless of where in the world you are located. And, so people can simply live where they want to live while having access to quality work opportunities.


Remote Jobs in Remote-first companies

If you are starting out in the world of remote work, learn what it means to work remotely from a remote-first company in another country. Working remotely doesn’t mean you need to be a self-employed, freelancer, or employed on a contract basis. Enjoy all the typical employee benefits while working remotely for some of the best remote-first companies in the world.

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