About WBECS:

Our mission is to raise the global standard of coaching. We are the team behind the world’s largest, online, annual event for coaches, featuring some of the top thought leaders in the industry.

In addition, we also partner with coaching industry leaders to deliver a diverse range of innovative learning programs and certifications for professional coaches. We have also created a philanthropic endeavor to bring coaching to even the remotest parts of the world.

This is not your typical office job. Our passionately-engaged, global team works 100% remotely, and collaborates vigorously. The lifestyle design is flexible, but full on; and the culture is fast-paced. We consider our work our “art”, striving for excellence in everything we do.

WBECS is a growing remote global workforce, we are truly passionate about our people! We will ask you to work hard, fast and to the best of your ability. As long as you are fully prepared to do that, you will find working for WBECS very rewarding.

Job Purpose:

Experience for building go to market digital programs
Ability to synthesize complex inputs from diverse sources including program team, 3rd party partners, sales and the leadership team.
A solid understanding of online and offline marketing channels and how they are connected to each other
Experience managing creative projects from start to finish including web pages, copy, videos and design assets
Help Marketing Director to develop program segmentation, positioning, value propositions, and key messaging to be used in marketing campaigns
Design and execute marketing initiatives to meet pipeline requirements of varied programs. This includes planning, development, strategy, and creative strategy (including copywriting and art direction).
Help Marketing Director and Marketing Automation Manager to develop email marketing strategy
Implement and execute email marketing strategy
Manage, assign and review email content for all marketing communications across a range of programs
Work effectively in a heavily cross functional, fast paced digital environment especially working across program, marketing strategy, technology and sales teams
Collaborate with the team on innovative ideas to continue to position programs
Develop and manage day to day relationships with internal teams (copywriting, design,  program)
A solid understanding of marketing data and how to translate it into a strategy
Define requirements, tasks, and resources associated to SEO strategy
Manage and execute implementation of SEO strategy
Perform keyword research to optimize existing content and uncover new opportunities
Provide SEO analysis and recommendations in coordination with elements and structure of websites
Manage strategies for content development in coordination with SEO goals
Locate and define new process improvement opportunities


Experience working remotely, detail oriented, well organized, efficient with time management and able to work autonomously in a remote work environment
Flexible and able to shift strategies and tactics when required
Excellent communicator, including keen listening skills
Strong understanding of inbound and outbound marketing
Problem solver
Able to manage competing priorities
Excellent communication in English, spoken, heard, and written