We at Vimerson Health are creating the model for the companies of the future. We are a 100% remote and happiness-led company that encourages self-empowerment and radical transparency. We put happiness, fulfillment, joy, and harmony before everything else. On top of that, we have the double advantage of helping people with our natural Dietary Health Supplements.

Our Culture puts our Team Members’ happiness and fulfillment First, our Customers’ happiness and fulfillment are Second, and revenue and profit are Third.

We are an entrepreneurial fast-paced and fast-growing company that is self-funded, and therefore we have the freedom to make our own decisions without having to respond to investors that are inclined to put monetary goals first instead of the health and happiness of our Team. We have no rigid hours and boast our very own dedicated in-house Happiness Coach.

We are currently looking to welcome to our Team an experienced and skilled Procurement and Supply Chain Manager in order to take the company to the next level.

Who You Are:

You are an experienced and confident leader and manager with proven expertise and track record in the e-commerce consumable B2C industry, and you LOVE the challenges of dynamic e-commerce procurement and supply chain. You are a caring and conscientious manager being able to develop, lead, and grow a team of A-players by empowering them and trusting their abilities. You work hard and smart on your own initiative, and you are able to set and achieve multiple goals within deadlines. You have a growth mindset. You are a dedicated team player, a strong leader, but most importantly, you put happiness and fulfillment first, proactively seeking your ideal life/work harmony.

As our Procurement and Supply Chain Manager, you will be Accountable for:

*Leading, Managing, Growing, and holding Accountable the Supply Chain Team.
*Creating the Vision for your team in order to achieve Company’s targets.
*Creating, overseeing and managing the Company’s Supply Chain and Logistics strategy and operations in order to maximize the process efficiency, productivity, sales, and profitability;
*Maintaining a friendly and professional relationship with current and new suppliers while promoting company initiatives and values (quality first);
*Researching partner suppliers and negotiating best-price contracts;
*Actively seeking to improve all aspects of the Supply Chain by streamlining steps and locating the best prices for inventory and reviewing current methodology and processes;
*Creating effective tools to manage inventory;
*Maintaining healthy stock, organizing and overseeing inventory by keeping a detailed database of available inventory and expected order points;
*Planning and implementing Supply Chain optimization projects;
*Researching and seeking out the most cost-efficient shipment procedures and methods.


*You have outstanding skills and experience in Supply Chain and Procurement of a very successful e-commerce company which has presence on Amazon;
*You are passionate about leading, managing, growing and keeping accountable a professional team in a fast-paced and fast-growing business;
*You have a high level of experience and skills in building relationships with vendors and contract manufacturers and you are passionate about negotiations;
*You have an exceptional ability to conceptualize large-picture projects, foresee challenges and needs to be addressed and take fast and smart decisions for the greater good of the company;
*You understand all aspects of supply chain processes and excel at analyzing data and reports to make intelligent evidence-based decisions;
*You are an strategic critical thinker, always striving to improve systems and procedures;
*You have outstanding emotional intelligence and you are a straight shooter;
*You welcome and encourage healthy and unfiltered debate around ideas, commit to decisions and plans of actions, and are accountable for your outcomes;
*You thrive in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial and high-energy environment;
*You love working in a silent and focused place with no distractions, where you are able to deliver your best performance and achieve goals.

We offer:

*A full-time remote job which means the FREEDOM of working from any place in the world;
*Flexibility of working hours (work according to your rhythm);
*Unlimited possibilities for personal and professional growth in a company that achieved amazing results in the E-Commerce world in just 5 years, and it’s looking to keep growing and developing;
*A dedicated Happiness Manager within the team to take care of your happiness at work and ensure a healthy work/life harmony;
*20 PTO days to use for personal needs during the year;
*An unlimited supply of Vimerson Health Supplements, for your own personal consumption;

*Charity Match: The company will match any donations that you personally make to your charity of heart. We want to support each Team Member’s cause to make the world a better place.

If you feel like you are the PERFECT FIT then send your CV and cover letter to hr@vimerson.com