Your role

  • Designing the Base apps for web, desktop and mobile
  • Establishing and fostering a design-led culture and processes
  • Collaborating with the founders and engineers
  • Talking to customers, gather feedback and understand what they want

Your background

  • High attention to detail
  • Experience designing with a team (ideally at a startup)
  • You enjoy crafting software used by hundreds of thousands of people
  • You can code (Framer, React, Swift) to demonstrate your ideas (or want to learn!)
  • You like the idea of working remotely

Who is behind Base?

We’re Matt and Jan and at the very beginning of our journey – it’s just the two of us. Before building Base we started our own companies which both were acquired by Dropbox. That’s where we met and became good friends.

We enjoy creating intuitive software and share backgrounds across product, engineering and design. Before starting Base we had fun exploring other ideas and built a bookmarking app called Dumpster. We’ve been fascinated by remote work for years and our experience building Dumpster between New York and San Francisco reinforced our confidence the future of work will be increasingly remote and asynchronous. We decided to double down on this insight and closed our seed round earlier this year. Our team will grow to ~15 like-minded folks over the next 2-3 years.

Matthew Blackshaw, Co-CEO (Eng / Product) – San Francisco

  • Previously founded Sold which was acquired by Dropbox
  • MIT, Yale grad, Product at Microsoft and Dropbox
  • Started Dropbox Paper

Jan Senderek, Co-CEO (Design / Product) – Berlin / NYC

  • Previously founded Loom which was acquired by Dropbox
  • UCL grad, first German team at YC (W12 batch), PM at Dropbox
  • Worked on Dropbox Photos and launched the Dropbox Document Scanner

Why remote?

Remote teams play by different rules. Without a physical office we don’t need to worry about where someone lives, only finding the very best people for our team. We are also big proponents of async communication as it allows the team to make fast progress without the endless meetings. We prefer communicating in writing, rather than spoken words, which not only is a perfect match for remote teams, but also enforces a culture of transparency and openness. In our experience this results in fewer meetings and more time to focus.

Another perk is that instead of spending on an office, we can take team trips – a great way to create meaningful connections. Being remote also means everyone can create their own version of the perfect office, working from anywhere and at any time they want, allowing for a much improved work-life-balance.

What we’re offering

  • Work from anywhere at your own schedule
  • A team of well-connected and experienced founders
  • A safe job → our seed financing supports a team of 10-15 people for the next 3 years
  • Join early to be involved in all decisions and help us build the company from the ground up
  • We compensate everyone very well, offer generous time off and have great perks too
  • As soon as the situation allows we’re going to have fun team trips on a regular basis

Want to join the team?

Does any of this jive with you? We’d love to chat! Send us an email at hello@base.to, tell us a little about yourself and why you’d like to learn more about Base. Our open positions are below, but we don’t like putting people boxes, so even if you don’t match exactly please still reach out!

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