Please note that this is NOT a User Interface Design position. Graphical design skills are not required.

Also, this role is not only about UX research. Yet, amongst many other tasks, the UX research is required too. Just make sure you understand that this will be more than UX research.

UX analyst or developer takes care of creating the best frictionless experience for users. This role does not create UI designs or wireframes (well, sometimes maybe). But it creates flowcharts and specifications for features. Ideal specification must take into account apparent and latent needs of target users. It must be intuitive and simple.

The flowcharts must take into account capabilities of our technological stack and product plans. New features must have much potential for scaling and becoming the best in class.

UX analyst understands what technology we have now or what technology we will have. UX analyst understands well what are the selling points of the developed feature and why users will be happy to have the feature. UX analyst knows how to find the best use for our existing technology and also understands, which technology is missing that would help serving our customers better than others.

Main tools: Confluence for documentation, Miro for flowcharts. Rarely – Figma for lo-fi prototypes


•    Be our in-house expert in user behavior

•    Create simple, lightweight, fast UX workflows

•    Listen to customers. Translate their needs into features

•    Improve usability. Find bottlenecks and inefficiencies, remove them.

•    Help software developers and designers understand UX requirements

•    Prepare mockups, prototypes, wireframes, and interaction diagrams


•    Be fluent in English.

•    At least 3 years in UX

•    Have a track record of building efficient UX workflows

•    Be able to understand IT limitations and applied technologies (coding experience is not required of course) and figure out best practices

•    Have experience in UX research: competitors, prototypes, tests, interviews

•    Have experience in creating clear documentation


•    High growth rate company = career growth opportunities

•    Work from home (remote or hybrid mode)

•    Modern office environment.

•    Incredible multicultural team

•    Join our music band if you play instruments or sing

Apply now! We carefully consider all the candidates and keep data for better matching Positions if the application was not positive.

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