PSPDFKit is an international tech startup that develops and maintains industry-leading software frameworks and backend server products in the document viewing and processing space. Our customer base consists of startups, Fortune 500 companies, and every type of company in between from around the world.
You’ll join as the first project manager at PSPDFKit, working closely with the founders and in collaboration with our engineering, design, and marketing teams to help invent, shape, and ship critical parts of our current and future products.

As Project Manager You Will

    • Do whatever it takes to keep the product teams shipping and successful
    • Act as glue for the product teams
    • Surface progress and status in all ongoing projects to the executive team and other team members responsible for them. Make sure the right people are involved at the right time.
    • Make sure everyone is on the same page about what we’re doing and information is exchanged, updates are surfaced properly and the right people are involved.
    • Participate in engineering, marketing, sales and product decisions and meetings to learn how we work and to surface issues and questions that might be missed.
    • Point out situations where there’s a lack of clarity or where there are misunderstandings. Help resolve those.
    • Lead by example in best practices around asynchronous communication in a remote company.
    • Organize and collect information that’s currently spread across a lot of places so decisions can be taken effectively
    • Help manage the backlog of new feature requests made by prospects and customers as they arise
    • Create and run processes so we can take decisions in a repeatable way and so we can take retrospectives on the outcomes

What you’ll need to be successful in this role

    • Be a manager of one
    • Experience covering a wide “surface area” of tasks with pragmatic approaches
    • Be self-organized, diligent and able to structure your work effectively
    • A maker/entrepreneurial spirit and deep interest in helping our team, our customers and the company succeed
    • Be an independent thinker who can clearly explain your thinking in speech and writing; you seek to convince others, and can yourself be convinced
    • A technical background will help you to understand the rationale behind decisions and what needs to be considered
    • Be comfortable communicating via Basecamp, Slack and participating in phone and video calls with other team members and clients while working remotely


    • Competitive pay
    • Paid time off
    • Parental leave
    • Passionate and thriving work culture
    • International travel for company retreats
    • Remote work and flexible working hours
    • Ownership of work and tasks


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