Currently, we’re hiring a Tech Lead to join our IT team, managing 2 senior backend & 2 senior frontend developers, collaborating with our Founders and Product Team. Learn more about the way our software development team works here.

This position can be 100% remote, working on a daily basis within our timezone (CET). The whole team works remotely, but we also have an office in Kraków, Poland available to use.

As a Tech Lead, you will be responsible for 3 main areas:

  • Tech excellence – ensuring the quality of code & architecture, guarding our development principles (like writing tests first, fixing bugs first, making failed builds green as soon as possible), and expanding our technical excellence into new areas.
  • IT delivery – planning, defining and executing IT goals, monitoring progress to ensure business value is delivered, optimizing the workflow (eg. keeping Work In Progress low)
  • Team management  – leading a team of 4 senior developers experienced in frontend, backend, and Infrastructure as Code development; defining recruitment needs and developing your teammates (eg. through bi-weekly 1:1s and periodic performance reviews)

Your typical week will consist of:

20-40% – coding & code reviews
25% – team management (1:1s, reviews, feedback, recruitment)
20% – meetings (sprint plannings, standups, retros, devs’ tech meetings, leadership meetings)
15-35% – strategy & daily execution (tech vision, goal-setting – we use OKRs, roadmaps, follow-ups, team questions, communication)

Our tech stack:

Backend: PHP, Laravel, Twig, MySQL, Redis, Elasticsearch
Frontend: Vue, Twig, SCSS, Tailwind, Jest
Infrastructure: CDN in Fastly, HAProxy, Nginx, Elasticsearch/Fluentd/Kibana + Grafana stack for monitoring, Docker, Terraform, multiple AWS services for test instances, backups and CI/CD, PHPUnit & Jest for tests
New video product we recently bootstrapped: Vue, Tailwind, Twilio Video, Google Firestore, and Vercel.


  • Lead the transition of our marketplace product into becoming a cloud-native application (or decide when to stop with further automation and Infrastructure-as-Code)
  • Further improve our workflow based on Kanban by constantly decreasing cycle & lead times as well as keeping the Work In Progress low
  • Help shape the organization structure, roles, and responsibilities within the IT/Product area as the company is growing in number of people and products
  • Tackle scaling challenges – we grow our traffic volume, data usage and we are expanding geographically into new markets and sources of revenues


  • Very good knowledge of at least 1 programming language (you will work in PHP or JS/TS), including at least one modern framework
  • Experience in managing a team of developers with the proven ability to set goals and support the growth of developers
  • Code organization skills – familiarity with concepts such as SOLID, design patterns, Clean Code, Domain-Driven Design, etc.
  • Regular user of software development best practices, like Test-Driven Development, Trunk-Based Development/Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment as well as Agile, DevOps and Infrastructure-as-Code
  • Constant learner mindset with a passion for IT, actively acquiring new knowledge, and being up to date with the latest state-of-the-art software industry know-how
  • Great communication skills in English


  • A well-developed workflow in Kanban – currently 150 deployments to production monthly; Trunk-Based Development; automated tests battery run in ca. 5 min; low Work In Progress ~3 stories open)
  • Company Founders who invest in technical excellence practices like fast CI/CD pipelines, writing tests (first), Infrastructure-as-Code, well-organized code (Clean Code, Domain-Driven Design, etc.)
  • Constant learning culture among sharp and passionate developers who read books, attend & speak at conferences, with unlimited book allowance to support your personal growth
  • Competitive monthly salary 19-25k PLN net/B2B
  • 20 days of paid time off per year + PL public holidays to support your work-life balance
  • A choice to work 100% remotely or, if you prefer, from our office in Kraków

Our recruitment process

  1. Tech & HR screening
  2. Tech interview/Pair programming
  3. Demo day

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