60k€ annual

Full time

The Role

We are looking for a Senior React Engineer to join our team. To make blockchains accessible we need to build some stunning UIs that abstract the complexity, luckily we have built some lovely libraries to help build web apps that interact with the blockchain. You will be working with the infrastructure team and help shape the APIs and build some cutting edge UIs to showcase the power of our smart contracts. This is a permanent role and we want you develop and grow with us on our journey from start-up to a mature business.

What you bring

Your profile has a strong React and Typescript track record, and you are comfortable around modern CSS and github (or gitlab). It would be really good if you have experience in React Native, but if you don’t that is okay too. You will have had experience of leading and mentoring team members.


Full remote job

The flexibility of a 100% remote role (We’re looking for candidates located +/- 2h Berlin time zone).



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