We’re making a football game


GOALS is our attempt to give football the game it deserves. A fair game, that is a reflection of football, rather than the football industry. We want to make a game that’s fun right away, without players having to invest a fortune.

It’s a game about winning, but one where victory comes in more forms than simply winning matches. Focus on trick shots, design awesome t-shirts or create an arena that inspires greatness. No two players will be on the same journey.

GOALS is for everyone, like football can and should be. It’s for the casuals and the pros. For the players, the managers and the fans. It’s for the designers, the audience and the divas. For everyone who loves the game itself or anything surrounding it. GOALS is football.

At GOALS the player experience is key. Central to this mission is the way our players and goalkeepers dynamically interact on the field, forming the very essence of our games.

We’re on a quest to craft predictable behaviors for our AI characters that can be controlled on a strategic level by both users and game designers

When a user dives into our game, we want every AI-driven aspect to feel not just responsive but as natural as the beautiful game itself.

We work in cross functional teams and you’ll be tightly integrated with designers, gameplay engineers and animation experts -all striving together to craft an incredibly fun and rewarding football game.

We use C++ in Unreal Engine 5.

At GOALS, you will…

  • Be at the forefront of designing and implementing AI systems that elevate the experience of our game.
  • Working hand-in-hand with a talented team of designers and engineers and breathe life into AI characters that make every match unforgettable.
  • Implement new, and improve existing AI systems (from goalkeepers to player formations, strategies, and decision making).
  • Research systems to solve AI-related challenges in a networked multiplayer football game


Ideally you have…

  • A degree in computer science or equivalent experience.
  • Built AI systems in games -ideally for a sports game.
  • Broad experience in building different AI systems (behavior trees, rule-based systems, state-machines, planners).
  • Shipped game titles.
  • Experience from networked multiplayer and console games.


About the Employment

The position is permanent and you can work from our Stockholm office, hybrid or fully remote from anywhere in Europe. It is important that you are able to communicate unhindered in verbal/written English.

For this position we do not offer relocation assistance.

In addition to opportunities for creative impact and professional growth, working at GOALS has many other benefits like occupational pension, 30 days PTO, flexible work hours, stock options and more. Learn more here.



For this role we would like you to include:

  • LinkedIn-profile, CV or any other document that showcase your experience
  • A link to your Github(if applicable)

We strongly encourage you to apply even if you don’t feel that you tick all the boxes. You just might be exactly what we need, even if we haven’t understood it yet. GOALS is still a young company and we change quickly. But one thing that never changes is our conviction that we need a diverse studio environment, filled with different perspectives and skills.

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