At Swapcard, we build communities by empowering meaningful connections and know it all begins with a strong community of our own. We believe that diverse collaboration brings us closer to embracing change and propels us to form the ideas of tomorrow in an ever-evolving world.
Powered by artificial intelligence, Swapcard is the only end-to-end community platform for virtual and hybrid events. Behind this vision, stands a passionate, curious, and down-to-earth team. We believe an environment of trust, autonomy, and support is integral to our success. As a result of putting people first, career evolution and rapid growth have become regular commodities.
With 42 nationalities amongst a team of more than 200 innovative minds, we enjoy an open-minded environment where opinions and ideas are encouraged and exchanged freely in order to create a product and company we can all be proud of. We’ve also learned that the more moments we share, the more comfortable, communicative, and confident we are when working together. That’s when the real magic occurs.
And the best part? Swapcard offers full remote opportunities, which means you’ll be able to bring your best self to the table no matter where in the world you are located! We fully support and empower an international environment, where all cultures, mindsets, and backgrounds are equally welcome and appreciated.

Our Values

📚 Curiosity: Rapid growth and evolution are the results of our endless quest for new knowledge and understanding. We’re interested in our peers and their concerns. Anything novel or innovative excites us.
👽 Open-mindedness: Feedback and ideas can be exchanged freely, without being taken personally. We welcome Swapcardians of all sorts and learn from each other’s personal and professional experiences.
✊🏾 Humanity: Empathy encourages a kind and down-to-earth environment where we all feel comfortable and free to be human. We never have to wear a mask or hide who we are.
🎯 Resilience: We have a desire to win and don’t take no for an answer. We prefer the term “experiment” over “failure”. We are solution-oriented and find innovative approaches to succeed.
🏋🏽‍♀️ Ambition: Nothing is impossible. We’re always striving to get better, seize opportunities, and reach the top. We are encouraged to dream big and believe in ourselves.
Swapcard is hiring a talented mid-level RevOps professional with approximately 3 years of experience in either Customer Success Management or Revenue Operations for a 6-month contract role, with the potential for renewal based on business needs!
The ideal candidate should possess an engineering-oriented mindset or background and demonstrate a strong ability to rapidly gain expertise in Services tools. A genuine interest in systems and customer relationships will be essential for success in this role.


    • Strengthen systems implemented within the Services department (mostly tools, but also processes, good practices, reporting, etc.) and nurture a close collaboration with Sales Ops and Data Ops, allowing to: drive Services excellence
    • Grow our Net Revenue Retention
    • Increase Services efficiency and enable scalability


      • Ownership of the Services tools suite (Gainsight, Intercom, Refiner, etc.) – the RevOps is responsible for the implementation, management, adoption of these tools internally
      • Integration with internal tools and Salesforce
      • Create and maintain reporting and analytics
      • Accountable for the quality of data and the accuracy of reports
      • Collaborate with Data Ops to facilitate centralization and mapping of data, and to benefit from a global understand of our business journey

Facilitation of process and alignment

      • Conduct process mapping, analysis, and redesign to drive operational improvements
      • Assist Services leadership to measure performance and set playbooks
      • Serve as a liaison between Services and Ops team

We expect a significant impact on:

      • Gainsight leverage and adoption
      • Reporting accuracy
      • Impact on Net Revenue Retention
      • Contribution to efficiency


    • 3+ years experience in a software organisation – expected level of seniority IC2
    • Experience contributing to the implementation and/or management of Gainsight or a similar tool
    • Solid knowledge basis in data manipulation, interpretation, quality
    • Good understanding of the customers journey
    • Persistent and optimistic 🤓


    • Experience with Salesforce administration
    • Skills in data visualisation and BI

Reasons to join us

* International team with 42 nationalities (more on the way!) 🌍
* Remote-first policy with offices in Paris, USA, UAE, CA, & UK 🇫🇷 🇺🇸 🇦🇪 🇨🇦 🇬🇧
* Fast-growing startup with many opportunities for growth 🌱
* Open-minded culture that appreciates differences 👽
* Feedback driven, supportive & curious team with DIY mindset 🤔 🛠
* Family leave and remote work to ensure you have time for what matters most ❤️ 🏡
* Generous paid time off program to ensure your happiness 🎁
* Team vacations to celebrate our achievements ✈️

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