A little about us

We’re on a mission to unlock global talent by making cross border hiring easy. We want to spread great employment rights and benefits and help make them the norm for remote workers across the world.

We are a new 100% distributed startup building out our product offering in 2020. We’re fully funded and we’re putting together a great team of industry veterans. We’re a global company with team members in the Brazil, India, Venezuela, Lebanon, USA, Finland, UK, Latvia, and Mexico and beyond.

Hiring people internationally is complicated – with interacting engineering, legal, financial, operations, and HR processes. We’d like to find people who think this is as interesting a challenge as we do.

We’re an inclusive and diverse workplace, and welcome applicants from marginalized groups – the world over.

The Role 👩‍💻

Location: Anywhere in the world 🌍

Oyster is committed to becoming the best distributed company in the world and needs your help!

At the centre of this is ensuring that we strive for operational excellence in how we work as a distributed organisation. To do this, we are looking for a Remote Operations Manager to own the full spectrum of responsibilities from architecting our Knowledge Management strategy to building and implementing asynchronous collaboration frameworks.

What you’ll be doing…

Reporting to the Head of Remote, this role will play a critical role in allowing us to scale as a distributed organisation. Your responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

  • Owning our Knowledge Management strategy to ensure that documentation sits at the heart of everything we do
  • Structuring, centralizing and curating our company knowledge base
  • Creating a company culture where people think of themselves as documentarians
  • Creating of remote-first Standard Operating Procedures
  • Ensuring company knowledge is embedded in key workflows, such as employee onboarding
  • Progressing our Project Management capabilities so our work is well-planned and transparent
  • Own our “productivity stack” to ensure we have the software we need to do our work efficiently
  • Productive across time zones
  • Coaching the company, particularly new joiners, on asynchronous ways of working
  • Ensuring that when we do have synchronous meetings, they are run in the right way


What we’re looking for 📜

We are looking for someone bright, energetic, and a self-starter. The successful candidate will be able to handle any responsibility assigned, who can successfully work on their own, but is also not afraid to ask for help.

Skillsets that are important

  • 3-5 years of experience in Operations or other process-driven roles, such as Product
  • Deep experience of mapping complex internal processes
  • First-class written communicator
  • Ability to break down very large programs of work create a roadmap of iterative projects
  • Ability to lead and inspire others to enact cultural change

Skillsets that are not required (but are a bonus)

  • Proficient with modern startup tools, such as Loom, Miro, Notion, Slack and Zoom
  • Experience in B2B HR SaaS startup

You’ll also need…

  • A reliable home internet connection (or be able to get one).
  • Fluent English language.

Benefits & Compensation 💸

Salary: Highly competitive


  • Competitive stock option package
  • Opportunity to have social impact by connecting global employers with talent around the world, helping local communities thrive and people realize their dreams.
  • Remote work flexibility. Work from wherever you want on your own schedule, provided you have a good internet signal.
  • 40 holiday days per year, or legal minimum in your region if greater.

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