Build a product that is used by thousands of people everyday in one of the most promising industries and helping product teams to deliver and communicate the best functionalities.


If you dream of deciding features and building a product that is used by thousands of people everyday in one of the most promising industries and helping product teams to deliver and communicate the best functionalities, at Streamloots you will be able to do it.


You will have the possibility to work 100% remote and with a flexible schedule, where you will decide when you work, since we focus on the results and not the hours you work. There is no fix time, and you will be able to communicate with your peers with asynchronous communication.


You will be working in an international and fast-growth start-up where all the team members want to have a positive impact, helping the creators to turn their passions into livelihoods.


Your mission is to develop, drive and implement our product releases, working hand in hand with the Product Manager, to understand our user needs. Solving complex problems, working with stakeholders, and aligning the strategy with product and marketing team to make our platform more efficient and scalable and help to increase the Streamloots community, developing a unique way for streamers to interact with their fans and increase their revenue.

Please, check our mission statement and values which are two fundamental components of our culture and daily routine.

In this position, you will be able to have an outstanding contribution and impact in different areas:

As Product Marketing 

  • Have ownership of your work, from design to deployment and operation: You will get involved early in the Product Design process, contributing in product conversations, having in mind the user perspective and providing a strong marketing voice in the Product Development process to achieve sound product/marketing trade-offs. And making sure of the value proposition delivery to the users.

You will see how the product you co-create impact in the revenue of the company.

  • Align the Streamloots community voice to the product we create, making sure it’s clear and understandable for them in both English and Spanish.


  • Track, analyze and implement improvements on the communication process, ensuring the message gets to the community, and increasing the conversion of the campaigns.


  • Build a product that is used by thousand of people every day: You will care about the product you’re building and the problem you’re solving, not just about the marketing strategy. You take pride in choosing the best way to communicate the product with the rest of the team by taking all constraints into account. Always delivering high-quality solutions. You won’t just execute, if not, you will also be thinking about alternatives, new ideas or what you can add to the product.


As Squad team member

  • Contribute to the mission of the squad and impact in the company: Be owner of some objectives, pushing them to have impact on the company mission, taking care of the interdependencies between squads, keeping in mind our values, and applying them on your day-to-day tasks.


  • Bring good practices to the team: Every person at the team is responsible for helping the rest to be better individually and as a team, for this reason, you will share all your knowledge and experience with the rest of the team, and also you will be open to learn and improve from others feedback.

Long story, short: How will be your first days in Stream

First month: For the first few weeks we will make sure you know your impact on the team and the business, learning about the team, the business, and processes. You will put your focus on understanding the product, our methodologies and how we make sure to deliver improvements and new features every week, that is a key success factor. Do not be afraid about remote onboarding.

First Quarter: Little by little, you will begin to have one-on-one with the Head of Product and the Product Managers who will take care of your professional and personal development. You will start to own some KRs and their impact on the company.

To the moon: Streamloots will challenge you to grow in your impact on the company, we will work to help you enjoy yourself at work. We expect you to train and share your knowledge with others, and make content creators able to live from what they love, ensuring the best experience for their viewers.


What we offer:

  • Open Remote Company: That means that team members will be able to work from wherever they want. Also means that all processes need to be thought of as if we had no office and everyone is working remotely. No one will feel an outsider, since all conversation will need to happen on slack or zoom/hangouts.
  • The Quarter meetups: Once every quarter (once COVID allows it), we will all gather in Valencia (or other city), to work altogether. We will try to make it for the week of the Company & Team KRs definition.
  • Disrupt an industry with tech and data-oriented solutions. We started 2 years ago, and now, over 40,000 streamers in more than 20 different countries have increased their revenue interacting with their fans on Streamloots. We’re funded by leading global tech investors, including Bessemer.

You’ll be successful in your mission if:

  • Experience in product launch strategies and features (At least 3 years)
    • MySql
    • Email marketing and tools knowledge
    • A/B testing, flow creation
    • Marketing cloud queries (Nice to have)
    • Copywriting skills (claims, ads, promos, platform)
  • Analytical skill is a must!
  • A “Gamer” mindset. We expect you to become a great collaborator, a master disambiguator/simplifier, constantly pushing toward clarity and delivery.
  • Excellent organizational skills, ability to interact with stakeholders.
  • Knowledge of industry trends, strategic thinking and ability to prioritize being a role model for the rest of the team.
  • Outstanding problem-solving skills and ability to deal with complexity. Proactivity and Self-Leadership are becoming key essential words in our conversations every day.
  • Native or Fluent English. At the product team, marketing and every day more areas are Native English Speakers. Also, it would be so much helpful if you also know Spanish.

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