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This is not a usual job description, but there is a good reason for that.

Let us explain.

Over the past 100 years, media production went through cycles of innovation that impacted the production, distribution, and consumption of media in ways that we couldn’t predict.

Things are changing quickly, technologies grow and evolve in multiple waves.

One of the ways to think about how technologies emerge is that stuff tends to begin small and slow. There is an early period where the technology isn’t quite working and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be very useful or important.

But then, it reaches a point where the growth accelerates upwards. It moves from the period when it was kind of a crazy idea to a period of excitement and growth.

Everything starts working.


Image credit: https://waitbutwhy.com/2015/01/artificial-intelligence-revolution-1.html


At Synthesia, we believe the future of media is synthetic. Not sure what’s that about? Check this article written by our CEO Victor Riparbelli.

It’s kind of a crazy idea.

But after 5 years of research and a roller coaster ride of successes and failures, here is a graph showing the number of AI videos created by our customers in 2021 (in 2022 it’s growing exponentially).



Not that crazy of an idea anymore, huh? 😉

It’s for you to decide, but in 2021 we’ve raised two funding rounds with a total of $62M from legendary investors such as Kleiner Perkins and Google Ventures.

And yet, we’re just getting started building the foundations of a whole new type of media.

We’re crazy early, and you have the chance to be a pioneer and shape the future of video production!


About the job

We’re hiring a Product Manager, someone that will shape in a significant way our product and strategy. You’ll be working very closely with our Head of Product on imagining the future of synthetic media and programmable video. You’ll be a part of a small, humble and driven product team of talented engineers and PMs.

Working on Studio, our flagship product, is exciting. It’s a creative tool, used by a community of passionate users (from freelancers to content creators working in Fortune 500 companies) on a daily basis and growing quickly. They love and depend on it (see our G2 reviews), they also provide us a ton of feedback. That level of engagement is rare and it’s a constant source of motivation to see and hear from our users how much of a difference the product makes for them. From a product perspective, you’ll get to tackle complex and novel problems, inventing the future of synthetic media, a very recent technology, for which the limits and use cases are constantly expanding.

As a Product Manager, you will help us create a name for Synthesia Studio as the most innovative video creation tool, period. You will take ideas and turn them into concrete proposals, identifying areas of uncertainty, working tirelessly on refining the UX through quick testing. You’ll build consensus internally around your project and collaborate with stellar engineers to make it come true. You’ll have the satisfaction to work with a team that ships fast and iterates quickly, allowing us to learn from our customers and adapt.

Speaking about learning from the customers 🤔 We’ve built a database of customer interviews, with full recordings and transcripts organized in a Notion database. We run a Slack and a Facebook community where we engage with our most passionate users. Our sales team constantly relays to us customer stories of how the product is put to use. All this is to say, we walk the talk when it comes to putting the user first and building our roadmap around real needs.

Our product team is just getting off the ground. We are 15 (with 1 PM) working on a super young product (we started building it 2 years ago)! If you’ve worked at previous companies thinking there’s a better way to do product & design, this is your opportunity to shape things the way you always thought they should be.


  • 5+ years of experience product managing world-class SaaS or B2C products
  • Strong product opinions and taste – not shying away from proposing solutions based on your intuition and experience
  • Ability to think at a high level about product strategy and bridge business goals with product and technical considerations
  • Ability to take ownership of the end-to-end idea to product process and work as a self-directed member of the development team
  • Strong UX focus and understanding of human behavior
  • Proven track record of shipping impactful products
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Not required but one of those things would make you stand out:
    • Experience with video editing product
    • Experience with corporate software (account administration, product plans, billing etc)
    • Design skills
    • Prototyping skills
    • Machine Learning skills

The good stuff…

💸 You will be compensated fairly (salary + stock options + bonus)

📍 You will work in a remote-first environment with offices in 6 locations

🏝 You get 25 days of annual leave + public holidays in the country where you are based

🥳 You will join an established company culture with regular socials and company retreats

🤩 You get 4 weeks paid sabbatical after 4 years at the company + $10,000!!

🍼 You get a paid parental leave

👉 You can participate in a generous referral scheme

💻 You get a brand new computer of your choice (if that still counts as a benefit in 2022 🤔)

🚀 You will have huge opportunities for your career growth

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