About Eneba

We’re building an open, safe and sustainable marketplace for the gamers of today and tomorrow. Our marketplace supports more than 9m+ active users (and growing fast!), provides a level of trust, safety and market accessibility unparalleled to none. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in such a short time and look forward to sharing this journey with you. Join us as we continue to scale, diversify our portfolio, and grow with the evolving community of gamers.
Behind every groundbreaking product, there’s an awesome team! In Product, we gather folks with diverse backgrounds and expertise in long-lived autonomous product teams consisting of specialists in product engineering, management, design, quality assurance, data, and more. We move fast, experiment, learn a lot, and build new products for our growing base of 9+ million active users. At the same time, we continue to iterate and improve on our flagship products.
As a Product Manager in the Product Ops team, your role will be a unique blend of strategic planning, hands-on execution, and leadership. Your key focus will be improving the operational efficiency of our product division, enhancing delivery cadence, product quality, and user satisfaction through the adoption and integration of a wide array of tools, including advanced technologies such as large language models (like GPT), automation solutions, and more.


      • Manage the Product Operations Lifecycle: Your role will involve supervising the product operations lifecycle, ensuring alignment with our overarching business goals and product strategy.
      • Enhance Operational Efficiency: Streamline the efficiency of the product organization by integrating and maintaining tools (such as ChatGPT, Workplace/Slack, Jira, Figma, Mixpanel, GrowthBook, etc.), and spearheading the introduction and maintenance of new tools.
      • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Encourage close cooperation with product, design, and engineering teams to facilitate successful product discovery and delivery.
      • Workflow Analysis and Improvement: Evaluate tool usage and workflow processes to pinpoint opportunities for improvements in efficiency.
      • Liaison Duties: Act as a conduit between the design, product, engineering, and executive teams, ensuring that the toolset and systems align with product requirements.
      • Product Understanding: Gain a comprehensive understanding of product principles, processes, and tools landscape, and utilize data-driven insights to boost operational improvements.
      • Team Leadership and Development: Take the helm of the product operations team, providing leadership and guidance to bolster the company’s growth.
      • Backlog Management: Supervise the product operations backlog, devise discovery and delivery roadmaps, and align them with all stakeholders and cross-functional partners.
      • Data Insights Sharing: Take the initiative to disseminate market and internal data insights across different functions.


      • A minimum of 4 years’ experience as a product manager/engineer, with at least 2 years in product operations or a similar role. You must understand the marketplace/platform business model and the modern software product development process and lifecycle.
      • Deep understanding of the product development process and its lifecycle.
      • A high level of proficiency with product tools like Workplace/Slack, ChatGPT, Jira, Figma, GrowthBook, PostHog, Mixpanel, etc. is necessary.
      • Exceptional problem-solving skills, with a data-driven and outcome-oriented approach to decision-making.
      • You should have the ability to code and understand product toolkit integration possibilities and architecture, with hands-on experience in launching and maintaining these integrations.
      • Your communication, negotiation, and stakeholder management skills should be excellent. Additionally, the ability to flourish in a dynamic, fast-paced environment where change is a constant is crucial.
      • Prior experience in managing and implementing product tools, improving efficiency, and driving operational excellence is a must. Lastly, understanding design principles and their impact on the product development process will be a significant advantage.
€36,000 – €54,000 a year
*Salary ranges may vary. We’re seeking candidates with varied experience levels; from individual contributors to functional leaders in this space.
*We’re an international team and our business language of choice is English. Good English level is required, proficiency is preferred.
*To find out about how we handle your personal data, make sure to check out our Candidate Privacy Notice https://www.eneba.com/candidate-privacy-notice

What it’s like to work at Eneba

*Opportunity to join our Employee Stock Options program.
*Opportunity to help scale a unique product.
*Various bonus systems: performance based, referral, additional paid leave.
*Paid volunteering opportunities.
*Work location of your choice: office, remote, opportunity to work and travel.
*Personal and professional growth at an exponential rate supported by well defined feedback and promotion processes.

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