Key Responsibilities:

·       Be a key contributor to a new securities focused blockchain and related tools
·       Contribute to the solution’s end-to-end architecture
·       Act as a technical expert in the research, specification & implementation of blockchain technologies

Required Experience:

·       At least 3-5 years of experience in software development
·       Experience designing and implementing complex distributed systems. Blockchains would be great, but also distributed storage or analytics platforms, distributed file systems, operating systems or other complex, parallel, low level systems
·       High level of proficiency with Rust programming language, paradigms, constructs, and idioms. Other low-level languages like C++ may be considered but not preferred
·       Strong ability to meet project milestones and ability to work with teams in different time zones
·       Translating software requirements into stable, working, high-performing software
·       Writing scalable, robust, testable, efficient, and easily maintainable code
·       Good written and oral communication skills
·       Comfort with Linux


·       Experience with the Rust programming language
·       Experience with any blockchain at the protocol level
·       Understanding of various consensus protocols (PoW, PoS, Tendermint, Raft, PBFT, ALGORAND, etc.)
·       Ability to author or co-author blog posts, whitepapers or other materials about your work


·       Familiarity with the Parity Substrate framework.
·       Experience in Identity Management, zkSnarks, cryptography, finance
·       Experience creating DSLs (domain specific languages) and related tooling
·       BSc in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or relevant discipline. Master’s degree is even nicer


Annual performance based bonus
Stock options
Remote flexibility
Start-up culture: lean, agile, data-driven, user-centric.
Regular team socials and corporate events (conferences, hackathons, workshops etc.)
Build bleeding edge tech using modern tools and industry best practices
Work with intelligent teams comprised of curious and inquisitive problem-solvers
Tremendous learning opportunities (blockchain, capital markets, decentralized finance, Rust, cryptography and more!)
Pioneer a first-of-its-kind solution

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About Polymath Inc.

Polymath is a fintech start-up leveraging blockchain technology to automate and digitize the heavily regulated capital markets industry. Our core product- Polymesh, is a blockchain specifically designed for the creation, distribution and overall management of digital securities (aka security tokens). Our mission is to make securities trading simpler and accessible for all.