The People Experience Team which forms part of the broader People Group is geared toward encouraging a positive and value centric encounter for all team members throughout their journey with GitLab. Along with overseeing Onboarding; Career Mobility and Offboarding the People Experience Team supports various other functions and initiatives such as Employment Verifications; Probation Periods and the Anniversary Program.


  • Ensure all GitLab team members experience extraordinary customer service when engaging with the People Experience Team either via Slack or Email – being mindful of the documented turnaround times within the People Experience Team SLA (this may from time to time include queries pertaining to specific entities and / or countries).
  • Use the Onboarding Satisfaction Survey (OSAT) results as a guide for future iterations and improving the onboarding experience for new hires – individual feedback can be found in the private onboarding-survey slack channel.
  • Responding and actioning all contract changes for GitLab IT BV contractors.
  • Collaborating with the Employment Solutions Specialist and reviewing all relocations for approvals and completing all contract changes.
  • Reviewing all Netherlands work sponsorship requests for approvals for existing team members for the Netherlands and completing all contract changes.
  • Support to the Employment Solution Specialist during Country Conversions including contract completion for all team members within the location, especially in locations we are converting to entities.
  • Ensure that the functions of the People Experience team are carried out with compliance in mind and always in complete alignment with GitLab policies.
  • Assist in managing the GitLab Team Meetings Calendar, adding and updating events on request and ensuring scheduling conflicts do not occur.
  • Announce all applicable People Experience related changes and improvements in the #whats-happening-at-gitlab Slack channel.
  • Assist with and complete ad hoc projects, reporting and tasks as directed by the needs of the People Experience Team at any given time.
  • Collaborate with the People Operations Specialist team and initiate the People Operations Disaster Recovery Plan in the event of a natural disaster or extreme weather event.
  • Collaborate closely with the People Business Partners and administer all termination documents.
  • Support the the People Operations Specialist team with elements of the various team member centric programs that run throughout the year e.g. 360 Reviews; Team Member Engagement Survey etc.
  • Oversee the administration of PTO by Roots.
  • Facilitate the company-wide signing of the GitLab Code of Conduct on an annual basis.
  • Apply suitable handover measures to ensure a level of continuity in instances where you may be unable to attend to your regular tasks, particularly those that may have direct bearing on GitLab team members who may currently be Onboarding or Offboarding.


  • Alignment to the GitLab values and a commitment to working in accordance with them at all times.
  • Ability to use GitLab and work within it wherever possible.
  • Able to work autonomously and self-drive performance and development.
  • Previous experience in a people centric role placing a focus on Onboarding, Career Mobility, Transitioning and general People Operations.
  • Willingness to work occasional odd hours.
  • Exceptional team member engagement (customer service) skills.
  • High calibre written and verbal communication capability.
  • Collaborating across the team to extend support across a broad set of topics and tasks.
  • Proven aptitude for learning and adopting new tools / technologies.
  • Commitment to encouraging transparency within the team and the greater organization.
  • Proven attention to detail with exceptional organizational skills and able to prioritze tasks.
  • Experience at a growth stage tech company.
  • Able to work and cope in a fast-paced role placing a sharp focus on accuracy and urgency.
  • Issue triaging on a regular basis and label review/ adding.


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