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Join us at Syensqo, where our IT team is gearing up to enhance its capabilities. We play a crucial role in the group’s transformation—accelerating growth, reshaping progress, and creating sustainable shared value. IT team is making operational adjustments to supercharge value across the entire organization. Here at Syensqo, we’re one strong team! Our commitment to accountability drives us as we work hard to deliver value for our customers and stakeholders. In our dynamic and collaborative work environment, we add a touch of enjoyment while staying true to our motto: reinvent progress.

Come be part of our transformation journey and contribute to the change as a future team member.

Accountabilities and responsibilities.
System Security and Risk Management:

  • Assess, design, and implement security measures for OT systems to protect against unauthorized access, modifications, or destruction.
  • Conduct risk assessments and vulnerability analyses of OT environments, identifying potential threats and developing strategies to mitigate them.

Compliance and Standards Adherence:

  • Ensure OT cybersecurity solutions comply with relevant industry standards and regulatory requirements, such as NERC CIP, NIST, and ISA/IEC 62443.
  • Develop and maintain security policies, procedures, and controls in alignment with best practices for operational technology security.

Network Security Architecture:

  • Design and implement secure network architectures for OT environments, incorporating segmentation, firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), and other security technologies.
  • Work closely with IT cybersecurity teams to ensure seamless security coverage between IT (Information Technology) and OT networks.

Monitoring and Continuous Improvement:

  • Implement and manage security monitoring tools to detect and respond to anomalies and security events within the OT environment.
  • Continuously monitor for new vulnerabilities, threats, and security trends affecting OT systems, adjusting security measures accordingly.

Collaboration and Training:

  • Collaborate with operations, engineering, and IT teams to ensure security measures are integrated into operational processes and system designs.
  • Provide cybersecurity training and awareness to OT personnel, enhancing their ability to recognize and respond to potential security threats.

Experience, skills and behaiours

  • Indicate the required education in terms of minimum years of education, required type of degree, field of studies, etc. and the required knowledge and/or experience in terms of minimum years of experience in the respective field
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Cybersecurity, or a related field.
  • Minimum of 8-10 years of experience in a similar role preferably in a multinational complex setting.
  • Experience with OT security (OT tiering model, OT network security, OT protection)
  • Experience with OT network segmentation, OT Probes (Claroty, Nozomi, Microsoft Defender, etc), OT Endpoint solutions
  • Experience with vendor OT endpoint solutions (Siemens, Yokogawa, Honeywell, etc)
  • Experience in managing complex technology migrations and lifecycle management.
  • Certifications related to product management, cybersecurity (e.g., CISSP, CISM), GICSP (Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional)
  • Agile or other project management methodologies experience is a plus
  • Indicate the required skills and behavioral competencies
  • Result orientation, influence & impact
  • Empowerment & accountability
  • Team spirit, building relationships, collective accountability
  • Strong leadership capability, executing as appropriate in the areas of responsibility
  • Excellent English oral and written communication skills, including the ability to explain technology solutions in business terms, establish rapport and persuade others

What’s in it for you? Be part of and contribute to a once-in-a-lifetime change journey. Join a dynamic team that is going to tackle big bets. Have fun and work at a high pace

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