As an Onepilot agent, you will be a freelancer in charge of helping our customers’ consumers with their problems.
After completing e-learning trainings on your customers, you will have access to a knowledge base for each of them. The Onepilot technology, and this knowledge base will enable you to respond effectively to our clients’ user requests coming in via email, chat, or phone.
You will be paid for each ticket solved. The price of each ticket depends on the ticket’s complexity, and your location. It varies between 0,40€ and 1,5€.

Profile required:
💻 You’re comfortable with new technologies
💡 You like solving problems, you’re curious and dynamic
📞 You enjoy communicating (written and spoken communication)
🗓️ You are available at least 20 hours a week

⏱ Choose your working hours
🦸‍♂️ Flexible shifts 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m.
🏠 Work from home
💰 Earn on average €15/hour (pay per ticket)

Allow 15 minutes to complete your application:
1️⃣ Availability
2️⃣ Video introduction
3️⃣ Tests
4️⃣ Identity verification

About Onepilot

Onepilot makes Customer Care Outsourcing simple and flexible. E-merchants use Onepilot in the most flexible way to handle all or part of their customer support.

Powered with Onepilot tech, our agents turn into support heroes and efficiently solve all kinds of tickets for our clients, across all channels: chat, mail, phone or social networks.

In figures Onepilot is :

👉 20% monthly growth
👉 4,000,000 tickets already answered
👉 17,5m raised
👉 +70 employees within the team
👉 Offices in Paris, London, Hambourg