Octane AI is an all-remote and venture-backed startup seeking a Customer Growth Strategist interested in developing the future of ecommerce. Some of our investors include General Catalyst, Boost VC, and M Ventures.
Octane AI is developing conversational AI technologies that reimagines online commerce. Publicly, Octane AI is the leading Facebook Messenger & SMS marketing platform for Shopify and Shopify Plus brands. Octane AI provides a unified platform for connecting, converting, and retaining customers. Octane AI’s current and upcoming products democratize personalization and automation technologies previously only available to multi-billion dollar corporations.
As Merchant Growth Strategist, you will be in one of the most unique positions at Octane AI. You will be using technology and our insights dashboard to identify, manage, and rapidly grow hundreds (thousands?!) of fast-growing merchants. (Differing from account management, where you go deep with 10-20 customers).
You will be using technology and content to make our customers (the merchants) as successful with Octane AI as possible. You will be the ultimate hybrid — part growth hacker, part account manager, part retention specialist. You will be pushing our product to its full potential and teach the world what you know.
You will work closely with our CEO Matt Schlicht on this mission and collaborate closely with our sales, account management, and marketing teams.


    • Retain Octane AI’s merchants and grow their accounts by making sure they have the tools they need to be successful.
    • Analyze the performance of all Octane AI merchants and identify areas where each customer needs help, including cohort analysis.
    • Communicate with merchants over email and phone on their Octane AI strategy and implementation. Expect to be on the phone with our merchants A LOT.
    • Collaborate with marketing, sales, and account management on educational materials, case studies, webinars, and best practices.
    • Follow up with new customers and guide them towards best practices.
    • Identify and make a plan to improve any bottlenecks in the customer journey.
    • Gather product feedback from merchants and share insights with product and sales.
    • Develop and optimize customer retention strategies and programs based on data and measure their impact on customers and their lifetime value.
    • Innovate on new growth techniques and strategies involving our suite of products for our merchants.
    • Give strategic advice to our merchants on demand generation, PPC, and ad strategies so they are successful with our ad-related products.
    • Measure and track individual and overall merchant performance and draw new insights from this data.
    • Reach out to merchants when they are at risk of churning and set them back on a path towards success with our products.
    • Develop a program for getting churned customers back on track.
    • Giving essential training on Octane AI to merchants and advisement as you walk them through it.

Who You Are

    • You have at least 3 years experience in a customer-facing role, including, but not limited to, strategy and account management.
    • You have outstanding communication and interpersonal skills.
    • You are a people person, adept at building friendships and relationships externally and internally.
    • You believe empathy is valuable.
    • You enjoy talking on the phone because you will be talking on the phone all day.
    • You are detail-oriented and obsessed with tracking and delivering results.
    • You are a self-starter with a knack for always finding something to accomplish.
    • The idea of seeing improvement and growth within our customers genuinely excites you.
    • You have a deep understanding of ecommerce marketing and how to make ecommerce brands successful with their marketing, including email automation, performance marketing, social media marketing, and brand messaging.
    • You should be adept at running successful online advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
More about working at Octane AI
– We believe the happier you are, the more productive you and the team are. Being a remote company allows us to work from wherever we’d prefer. Spend your evenings and weekends with your family/friends/hobbies.
– We hate bureaucracy. Feel free to talk to anyone on the team.
– Your ideas are welcome. If you know how to improve our workflow, our product, our processes, don’t be shy to share it.
– In our weekly meetings, we do a fun thing called “fast parrot”. Everybody, including the CEO, is involved. It’s a little weird and fun at the same time, especially if you are doing a meeting from a public place.
– We iterate quickly. Projects generally take days or weeks, not months. We have a collaborative environment where you can share a work in progress and get feedback quickly. We like to get something in the hands of customer and get their feedback as quickly as possible.
– Don’t work if you are sick. It’s way better to rest and recover quicker than work at half power for a long time.
– If you feel you are stuck with a task don’t hesitate to ask for help. There are no stupid questions and nobody expects you to know everything.
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