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This role is a broad legal resource for the Company, with the key area of responsibility in contract drafting, negotiations, and management. The role directs the negotiation and execution of a variety of agreements and subsequent management of all contracts once executed; including NDAs, employment agreements, consultant agreements, software licensing agreements, IT service agreements, and associated scopes of work. The role reviews and approves the terms of all contractual documents, proper assessment of risk management issues, assist in development of policies related to data protection, implementation and adherence to company policy and legal requirements, and compliance with contractual obligations. The position also advises management of contractual rights and obligations and provides interpretation of terms and conditions and assists in the organization and storage of contracts, including developing the Company’s contract management system.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Leads the drafting, review, interpretation, negotiation and execution of various commercial and other agreements, while appropriately engaging the Head of Legal for complicated terms or negotiations, as well as coordinating with outside counsel as needed.
  • Efficiently coordinates exchange of contract drafts and negotiation sessions.
  • Assures appropriate approval, signatures and documentation are obtained from the Company and counter-party.
  • Understands the legal and business (including financial) provisions of contracts, and the implications of revisions of terms, and proposes alternative language to achieve the company’s goals, with assistance from the Head of Legal where necessary.
  • Understands the Company’s business in order to most effectively negotiate contracts.
  • Remains apprised of contractual rights and obligations in executed active contracts and appropriately advises management of such; provides summaries and reports of contract progress to management as requested.
  • Assists in development of policies regarding activities related to data protection, and develops appropriate tools to ensure consistent compliance for the Company.
  • Engages in contract negotiations with vendors and customers.
  • Independently manages internal stakeholders to complete contract negotiations, explains key issues during negotiation process, makes recommendations as to negotiation strategy to achieve company’s goals.


  • 2-4 years of experience in negotiating various agreements in a wide range of complexity is required, experience in negotiating international contracts is preferred. 2‑3 years of experience in drafting, managing and negotiating contracts in an in-house setting is preferred.
  • Proficient in understanding intellectual property rights and data privacy rights, both in Ireland, US and internationally.
  • Willing to be a team player and take on all aspects of the contracting process, including routine activities like filing, contract request tracking, obtaining approvals and signatures, etc.
  • A self-motivated, team player with excellent communication and leadership skills.
  • Able and willing to make decisions quickly and effectively, pay attention to detail and be able to organize and manage numerous priorities.
  • Able to anticipate/spot legal and business issues in contracts and direct them to the attention of the Head of Legal.
  • Takes ownership of his/her responsibilities, exercise sound judgment in decision making, have the necessary skills to solve problems and know when problems need to be elevated to the Head of Legal.
  • High personal and business ethics.

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