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Maze is a Seed funded startup building the future of rapid testing for modern teams. We’re backed by some of the world’s best funds and have an extensive advisory network.

We’re on a mission to empower modern teams to build better user experiences by testing and learning rapidly with real users. To do this, we’ve partnered with the world’s biggest design tools, including Adobe XD, Figma, InVision, Sketch, and Marvel. We power over 40,000 brands globally, including IBM, Logitech, Pipedrive, Uber, Greenpeace, and Braze.

We’re a fully remote team working across 15 countries. You’ll be joining a passionate team whose resumes include Canva, Figma, GitLab, InVision, Typeform and Zendesk.


Build a system that gave us visibility and trust in our key metrics and user behaviors.

Key responsibilities:

  • Audit / and improve all tracking, events, naming, key metrics, …
  • Implement event pipeline & data warehouse solution
  • Build self-serve dashboard to give access to that data to all department
  • Support Sales & Marketing operations
  • Build a team to help get the above done


  • Great written and verbal english & great communication skills
  • Experience building data pipeline
  • Leadership experience
  • Experience working for an early stage startup

Stand out of the pack with:

  • Experience with Graph database, Neo4j and Cypher
  • Experience with AWS, Segment, Autopilot, Amplitude, Stripe, Salesforce
  • Experience with JS environment
Consider this our wish-list. We know there will be great candidates that don’t meet every one of these criteria—if you’re passionate about the role and feel that your experience prepares you to do it, we’d love to hear from you.


  • Early-stage startup: You will join an early-stage startup with less than 50 employees. This means you’ll have the unique opportunity to directly impact success and help shape the future of Maze.
  • Category: We’re on a mission to democratize user testing and are truly excited about defining a new space where anyone can test and learn rapidly.
  • Product-market Fit: We already have a strong product-market fit for product designers and NPS of 60, and we’re excited to build on top of this to reach PMF for our new user segments.
  • 5x Growth: You will help us 5x MRR in 2021 by building key relationships with our partner ecosystem, launching integrations and managing ongoing partner marketing activities.


  • 33 days of paid leave
  • Twice a year company retreat for a week, fully paid by Maze (once COVID is over)
  • Laptop and accessories paid by Maze
  • Compassionate, Caregiver, or Bereavement Leave: 3 – 5 days each time the need arises
  • Family leave: 12 weeks for the main caregiver, 3 weeks otherwise
  • Co-working space and accounting fee paid up to a certain amount per month
  • Budget for training based on your and the company’s needs

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