We «map» the digital device world! Roq.ad’s technology creates an accurate and up to date “map” of (almost) all digital devices used in a specific country. Linking all these devices correctly to individuals and households creates a rich “Identity Graph” powering the open Internet. “Identity as a service with German precision and global reach”.

Roq.ad originally had two product lines. In 2018, we split the company in two separate entities and sold the larger, lower margin, part of our business to our largest customer. Since then we focused on the enterprise SaaS part of our business, delivering identity resolution products to our customers. We started the enterprise SaaS business in 2017 Germany, expanded to Europe in 2018 and launched in the US in 2020. Our teams are located in Berlin, Germany / Poznan, Poland / Vilnius, Lithuania and San Mateo / US.

About the job

Your responsibilities

• Help design and implement highly scalable systems for low latency, high throughput request processing,
• Write good quality and high performant, unit tested code,
• Continuously improve yours and your colleagues code,
• Signing off on code reviews,
• Automate boring parts of software development,
• Document and collaborate in WIKI, JIRA & Bitbucket.

What we expect from you

You must have the following:
• Problem solving attitude and love for writing good software.
• Ability to code in Java or Scala,
• Good understanding of computer architecture, algorithms complexity, data structures and their properties,
• Understanding of Linux operating system on a user level.
• Knowledge of REST architectural style and HTTP protocol,
• MarTech ecosystem knowledge,
• English (read and write documentation),

Optional, but works in favour:

• Open source projects or open source projects’ contributions.
• Knowledge of any of the following technologies: Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Redis, Avro, Apache Parquet, Hadoop, Akka, Spray, JavaScript, Aerospike, React.
• Experience in non-blocking asynchronous architectures,
• Understanding of Linux operating system on an advanced level,
• Understanding of JVM (memory management and garbage collection, Java memory model, concurrency, etc.)
• Understanding of no-sql approaches to data modelling.

What we offer
You will work in an exciting and challenging environment with strong company culture based on fast growth and transparency. You will be solving problems that affect millions of our users using the best tools and technologies. You will learn a lot along the way while working with an extremely motivated and skilled team of our engineers. On top of that – we will pay you a competitive salary 🙂

Plus a budget for your home office – we are a remote first company.

Sounds interesting? Send your application with your CV


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