The Role

As Telnyx’s first EMEA In-House Legal Counsel, you will work together with the General Counsel based in the United States and the rest of the legal team and management to lead Telnyx’s EMEA expansion efforts, legal operations in Dublin, as well as facilitate processes across many squads within Telnyx: growth, vendor relations, recruiting, regulatory, among others, and work efficiently to put Telnyx in the best possible position for the future.
Telnyx has operations in the United States, Europe, and Asia.  Accordingly, there is a significant international component to this role. You will have a substantial voice in shaping the future of legal at a fast-paced high-growth technology company, and you will have extensive opportunities to grow the depth and breadth of your skills.  A strong fundamental understanding of commercial contracts and talent at drafting and other writing are essential for this role.
In This Role You Will
  • Respond to contract requests and needs from within the organization, including a particular focus on EMEA-based vendor agreements, and with the interops/vendor relations team as “client”, manage and respond to such vendor contract requests and lead such vendor contracts to closing.
  • With the growth team as “client”, manage and respond to customer contract requests and lead customer contracts to closing.
  • With the internal requesting party as “client”, manage and respond to outgoing and incoming NDA negotiation requests.
  • With management as “client”, negotiate and document commercial leases, architect/contractor agreements and development agreements for the company’s offices globally together with jurisdictionally-specific outside counsel where appropriate.
  • With management as “client”, negotiate and document business life-cycle contracts such as equity and debt financing documents.
  • Collaborative field ad-hoc commercial contract requests to ensure prompt and efficient unblocking of commercial efforts.
  • Develop and improve legal processes as well as create and update company form agreements.
  • Research and apply law that applies to the ever-changing business and create documentation and processes to support compliance (e.g. retention policies, security, privacy).
  • Maintain, enhance, and when appropriate, replace, legal software tooling.
  • Effectively and professionally source and manage outside counsel and interact extensively with third parties.
  • Telnyx frequently has occasion to source and manage outside counsel, both domestically and abroad.  In-house counsel will need to regularly perform RFPs among existing and novel outside service providers to ensure quality outside counsel.
  • In-house counsel will interface with Telnyx lenders and investors and should be prepared to interact as the face and/or voice of the company while maintaining company confidentiality.
  • Telnyx is a next-generation international communications service provider. A willingness to dig-in on the regulatory side and think critically and creatively about how to ensure we are compliant while simultaneously nimble is essential to continuing to scale. In-house counsel will partner with the General Counsel and management to craft and support these efforts.
You May Be Fit For This Role If You Have
  • At least 4 years of experience as a solicitor and/or in-house legal counsel.
  • Exceptional drafter/writer.
  • Experience negotiating commercial contracts.
  • Efficient communicator with a mastery of tone.
  • Global thinker who is disciplined with the details.
  • Driven to self-improve and broaden and deepen legal and business skill-set.
  • Demonstrable track record of providing practical, forward-thinking, business-minded legal advice.
  • Creative problem-solver who will search for the latest technology to organize and automate workflows.
  • Strong understanding of Microsoft Office applications, including Word and Excel.
  • Ability to multitask, prioritize and re-prioritize.
What It Is Like To Work At Telnyx

Telnyx is a complex machine with a simple purpose: connect people. We are an intelligent telephony engine, the beating heart of the Telnyx service that routes data along the pathways of our global, private network. We are drop-in APIs for hooking applications into our products, and an administrator portal that puts unprecedented control of configuring and orchestrating the Telnyx service into our customers’ hands.

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