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  • Professional background: >4–5 years of relevant experience. Sweet spot would be c.5 years of exp. in Inbound marketing and automation in a B2B SaaS startup / scale-up. We are looking for someone with operating experience.
  • Academic background: we’re open to all types of educational backgrounds (min. bachelor level or equivalent). We believe the strength of our team comes from having a diverse and inclusive workplace.
  • Fully proficient in English: both written & communication skills — ideally native. Additional languages are a plus (especially France & Spanish).
  • A strong internet connection! As a remote-first company, you can work wherever you want in Europe. You just need to live in a (+/-2h) CET time zone.

Additionally, we are looking for:

  • A Growth-hacker: you have a genuine “bootstrapping mentality”, you are creative at solving issues, you’re not afraid to take initiatives, and you think outside the box.
  • A Data lover: your decisions are informed by quantitative data; you’re comfortable with numbers; and you have a true AB testing & deductive mentality.
  • An amazing Story-teller: you have outstanding communication skills (both written and spoken), and you know how to build a strong narrative and convey it.
  • A great Coordinator: you’re a chaser & great project manager, you have great time-management skills, and you can easily manage a wide range of providers incl. PR/ events agencies, designers, content writers etc.
We see ourselves not as a fund but as a startup and more specifically as a B2B SaaS business with its own “acquisition funnel” and “customers journey”. We understand our customers and main audience to be early-stage platforms founders in Europe, and we strive to provide them with the best experience from 1st point of contact to Term Sheet signed.

We thus see inbound marketing as a key source of competitive advantage for us, as important as our deal making & analysis process. For us, it’s not a support function: it’s all about generating quality deal flow and creating a powerful flywheel between strangers, potential prospects, “customers” and Samaipata’s promoters!

Your role will be to find new ways to generate qualified leads, while engaging our Founders’ community, and strengthening our brand.

The role is very diverse; yet your responsibilities will focus on those 4 areas:

  • Branding, i.e. increasing our brand awareness across our key geographies ensuring brand consistency and clarity with our key audience (early stage Founders) and other Tech stakeholders leveraging e.g. website content management and development, Social media, PR campaigns etc.
  • Leads generation, i.e. generating high quality traffic and dealflow (populating the entry of our funnel) leveraging e.g. content marketing (content strategy, production & distribution). Content is key for us: we aim to develop best-in-class content on network effects for our community. Yet you will also be encouraged to create other growth channels (e.g. SEO, newsletter / email marketing, etc.).
  • Leads nurturing, i.e. farming existing leads (entertaining, educating and engaging existing audiences) leveraging e.g. CRM management, community management, events marketing (e.g. webinars) etc.
  • Marketing data stack, i.e. optimising our marketing automation platform by i) improving our data infrastructure and ii) setting-up and managing new tools.


  • This is not an investment role — although previous knowledge & understanding of the Tech sector is definitely a plus.
  • Although you will be required to manage PR & Communications for us and/or for some of our portfolio companies, please note this is not a Coms or Investor relation role.
As mentioned, we operate like a startup, not a traditional fund. And, as such, a Head of Marketing & Growth joining the team will:

  • Be an integral part of a young, hungry and international squad with a flat hierarchy, where everyone is contributing to make our thinking stronger and our processes better!
  • Have a real impact on our sourcing strategy and our overall long term success! We strongly believe that marketing can be a true source of competitive advantage. And we have a clear angle there thanks to our specialisation (i.e. we only invest in digital platforms displaying network effects at Seed stage) to continue building a strong brand leveraging on a powerful content strategy.
  • Finally, we are a remote-first company. So you can work from wherever you want! And we can ensure a large amount of independence for doers. We’re here to support you, not to micromanage you.
Super easy! if you think you’re a fit for the role, apply below to tell us a bit more about yourself and:

1. Send us a short mobile video:

  • The video should be shot with your smartphone (vertical view / no need to have a super high resolution) and should not last more than 2 minutes max. If it’s heavier than 20 MB just upload a link to the video.
  • In the video you will need to i) briefly introduce yourself and why you think you would be a good fit for the position and ii) answer the following question: “Why do you think inbound marketing can be a key source of competitive advantage for a VC?”

2. Answer briefly in writing the following question (max. 400 words):

  • “What 3 actions/measures would you take as Samaipata’s new Head of Marketing & Growth in your first 100 days?”
Samaipata is an early-stage pan-European VC. The fund was created by two entrepreneurs, José del Barrio, co-founder of the leading food-delivery platform in Spain (La Nevera Roja), sold to Rocket Internet for $100 million and Eduardo Díez-Hochleitner founder of a 3D sound system sold to Dolby, a former partner at Apax Partners, prolific BA and current Chairman at MásMóvil, sold in a €5 billion takeover by KKR, Cinven and Providence in the biggest European PE deal in 2020.

Samaipata invests primarily in digital platforms and marketplaces at Seed stage in Southern Europe, France, the UK and Germany. Samaipata is now a remote-first company with team members distributed across Spain, Portugal, France, the UK and the US.

After closing our first €30m fund back in 2016, we invested in 17 companies across Europe, such as Ontruck, Matera, Deporvillage, Legl, Streamloots, Motley, Colvin or Foodchéri (you can check out our full portfolio here). We launched our second fund (€100m) in 2020 and we have already closed 6 investments. Come join us!

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