In 2035, Africa will have the largest workforce in the world and will need to catalyse transformation by empowering its largest untapped resource – its people. Fuelled by this, the African Leadership Group is an ecosystem of institutions with a shared moonshot vision to harness Africa’s abundant human capital and transform the continent and the world by selecting, developing, and investing in 3 million ethical and entrepreneurial leaders by 2035. ALG was founded over 15 years ago by Fred Swaniker, a serial entrepreneur recognised by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people of 2019 and his partners. The Group has also been recognised by Fast Company when ALU was awarded as 2019’s most innovative company in Africa for “remaking education for a new era”. As a Group, our focus is to continue scaling this mission at a pace never seen before.


Some benefits of working at ALG include:

  • A chance to make history: Become part of the team that is developing 3M leaders for Africa and help us convert a potential crisis into an era of global innovation & prosperity
  • A powerful network: Join our powerful network of thousands of talented individuals who are living impactful lives across industries and geographies
  • Professional development: Get access to the learning programs that made us the most innovative company in Africa for “remaking education for a new era”
  • A talented & diverse team: Join a group of top performers coming from across the world and work alongside them in a fast-paced, impact-driven, environment
  • Autonomy & empowerment: Enjoy the autonomy of working remotely and be empowered to achieve clear and ambitious goals in an outputs-driven organization


  • Initiative & Courage: You have an owners’ approach and  you are proactive with what needs to be done; you also embrace risks and failure
  • Humility & Adaptability: You have a beginners’ mindset and you always seek to learn; you are also flexible and embrace pivoting
  • Possibility & Adventure: You are passionate about life, you have a growth mindset and you can thrive on uncertain circumstances and uncharted territory
  • Resilience: You tackle difficult situations with a can-do attitude and are relentless in the pursuit of your goals
  • Emergent Leadership: You are aware, and can manage, your emotions and those of others very well, you also have an empathetic, collaborative approach to leadership and you love working with others



Reporting directly to the Chief Marketing Officer, the Head of Content will spearhead the growth of The Room’s internal media business. They will lead and manage our content offering to support our marketing strategy that will translate into customer introductions and customer retention. The Head of Content will also ensure that all the business’ narratives and messages are delivered and positioned in line with The Room’s mission and values.


  • Purpose: You want to add meaning to your life by joining the movement that is transforming Africa, and the world, and experience your personal impact
  • Culture: You want to join a Fun and Flexible (remote friendly!) and Fearless work environment that empowers employees to be bold and disruptive
  • Growth: You want to be part of a world-class team from around the planet and create a career within the organization with vertical and lateral opportunities


  • Spearhead the growth of The Room’s internal media business.
  • Lead and Manage our content offering to support our marketing strategy
  • Ensure all business narratives are delivered in line with our mission and values
  • Orchestrate digital content strategies across all online platforms.
  • Oversee print, experience, video and audio content
  • Managing a content marketing budget.
  • Measuring the results of marketing activity to inform future marketing campaigns.
  • Managing a team of writers, illustrators and data analysts.
  • Implementing SEO best practices.
  • Knowing which platform different kinds of content are best suited to.
  • Designing and implementing creative marketing strategies to disseminate content


  • Experience as a Senior Editor or Head of Content Marketing in an entrepreneurial environment
  • Strong experience in an online media company or hybrid media model and successful track record of building a robust content business or division
  • Experience creating content for the web and growing a social audience
  • Editorial mindset that seeks to understand what audiences consume and how to create it
  • Ability to analyze and present content and social performance
  • Project management skills and understanding how to manage the priorities of multiple stakeholders in a complex environment and focus on the delivery of results in the form of engagement, leads and sales

We would also like to remind you that this is a remote job 😉