About Eneba

We’re building an open, safe and sustainable marketplace for the gamers of today and tomorrow. Our marketplace supports more than 9m+ active users (and growing fast!), provides a level of trust, safety and market accessibility unparalleled to none. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in such a short time and look forward to sharing this journey with you. Join us as we continue to scale, diversify our portfolio, and grow with the evolving community of gamers.
We are the Marketing Team. We are driving growth in a sustainable way with the aim to become the leading marketplace for gamers. We obsess over merging data driven optimisation, entertainment and creativity. None of our day to day activities could do without either of those, as we build the strong, fun, and trustworthy brand that is Eneba.
Gamers are fast adopters, and we move even faster to create deep-rooted and long-lasting relationships with our users. We’re inspired by our community and we do our best to continuously deliver on the goal of building and bringing all local gaming communities under one global roof.


    • Strategically design, manage, and continuously optimize advanced Google Ads campaigns, focusing on driving significant traffic and high conversion rates for complex e-commerce operations.
    • Conduct comprehensive keyword research, utilizing sophisticated tools and methods to identify and target high-value, niche keywords for specialized campaigns.
    • Develop, implement, and refine complex bidding strategies, leveraging advanced knowledge of Google Ads algorithms to maximize campaign ROI and align with broader business objectives.
    • Lead in-depth analysis of campaign performance, employing advanced Google Analytics techniques and additional analytics tools, to provide insightful, data-driven reports and recommendations.
    • Initiate and drive innovative approaches to enhance campaign performance, based on current trends and predictive analytics, ensuring alignment with evolving Google Ads features and industry best practices.
    • Play a key role in cross-functional teams, collaborating with various marketing divisions to conceptualize, develop, and execute comprehensive, integrated marketing campaigns.
    • Take ownership of high-stakes projects, demonstrating problem-solving prowess and decision-making skills in rapidly evolving e-commerce environments.


    • Minimum of 4 years of experience in managing and optimizing Google Ads campaigns, preferably in a high-volume e-commerce setting.
    • Demonstrated experience in handling Google Ads campaigns with an annual spend exceeding $1 million, showcasing a strong understanding of budget allocation and financial efficiency.
    • A proven track record of substantial success in generating high traffic and conversions across global e-commerce platforms, with evidence of tangible results and impacts.
    • Advanced proficiency in analytics, including deep expertise in ROI calculations, data interpretation, and strategy adjustment based on analytical insights.
    • Exceptional communication skills, with proven ability in providing clear, constructive feedback, and delivering compelling presentations to stakeholders at various levels.
    • Demonstrated ability to work autonomously, exhibiting strong decision-making skills and independence, coupled with a collaborative mindset for team projects.
    • Continuous self-development attitude, staying abreast of the latest developments in Google Ads, digital marketing trends, and related technologies.
€34,000 – €49,000 a year
*Salary ranges may vary. We’re seeking candidates with varied experience levels; from individual contributors to functional leaders in this space.
*We’re an international team and our business language of choice is English. Good English level is required, proficiency is preferred.

What it’s like to work at Eneba

*Opportunity to join our Employee Stock Options program.
*Opportunity to help scale a unique product.
*Various bonus systems: performance-based, referral, additional paid leave, personal learning budget.
*Paid volunteering opportunities.
*Work location of your choice: office, remote, opportunity to work and travel.
*Personal and professional growth at an exponential rate supported by well-defined feedback and promotion processes.

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