🐦 Who are we? What are we building?

We are Birdie, we are innovators that serve the social care space through our software products. In 2023 we enabled a remarkable 30 million care visits, we expanded into a new market and our product is now available in the UK and Germany, we also grew by adding 97 amazing new hires. This year we have joined TechNation’s FutureFifty 2024 cohort and we will position ourselves to make even more big jumps in scaling into the future.

The opportunity ahead is massive. We need people like you to make it a reality. This is engineering on hard mode – the safety and quality of care for older adults is at stake. Come join us and deliver outsized impact on their lives every single day. And do so in an environment of passionate individuals that want to grow themselves, each other, and of course the Birdie product. As an engineer at Birdie, you won’t be completing tickets set by others, but rather collaborate with product and design peers to define the problems and shape the solutions that we build together.

Check out our values and join us at Birdie as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in home healthcare. Together, we make a meaningful difference in the lives of millions.


🤩 What will I be doing?

Rather than a bullet list of generic points, we thought it best to let you hear from those doing the work!

“My colleagues and I are currently exploring new languages to improve some of our services that are handling huge quantities of myriad data. We pair, mob and support each other while still having plenty of opportunity to take on work by ourselves, stick on some tunes and get our heads down! Because we need to be careful around factors of clinical risk, we focus on code quality and we are always ready to spring on any high priority bug that might arise in order to resolve it as quickly as possible. We also seek to grow as individuals by sharing knowledge amongst ourselves, by learning new things and by questioning the way things are done, and whether they can be done better.” – Fred (Engineer)


“In the team I’m currently part of, we’re focused on revamping the Finance domain due to performance concerns. It’s a significant project: simplifying a complex system into something more manageable, while ensuring our operations continue smoothly. It’s challenging, but seeing the team come together to tackle these issues and improve our system is incredibly rewarding. What I really appreciate is how everyone gets to chip in, no matter their job title. It’s all about getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things, with a real sense that every question and idea is valuable.” – Alena (Engineer)


“Our product is large and varied, a lot of the challenges come from building for future growth while also being able to support and maintain the existing codebase. Our teams are split by domain but with enough overlap for you to expect to be working with people with all sorts of different skillsets and backgrounds.

In the Ducks team we’ve been performing mobbing sessions to work on a couple of new services. These can be quite tiring but also very exciting – it’s a good chance to work on greenfield projects, and in a new programming language in this case. Last week, however, we got interrupted by a series of outages in our Caregiver Management service – I and a colleague had to jump off the mobbing call and investigate, and it ended up being escalated into an incident. This obviously wasn’t ideal, but we have good incident management processes and you’re never dealing with issues like this alone.” – Toby (Engineer)


“The evolution of the Birdie OS progressed in a way that would allow as many squads as possible to work on parts of the product separately, in a true agile way. One of those parts – which we’ll be calling core client experience – is the wide domain pertaining to the team I’m part of, the Kakapos!

As an example, there are technical choices that as a team we don’t find suitable for our services anymore and lately we’ve been working together to refine and define a way for our squad to refactor such pieces in a way that would be the least (ideally zero) disruptive for our endusers. There’s lots of opportunities to learn, iterate and refactor, with complete freedom to explore (and the challenges that come with it). – Lorenzo (Engineer)


🤩 What skills would help me be successful?

You will be working most often with React & React Native and related tech (Redux, Redux-saga, offline-first…) ;NodeJS and Typescript. Go (either professional knowledge or demonstrable ability to learn it quickly and effectively)

Having knowledge of Relational databases. For example, you will have to write and debug queries, understand their performance and figure out how to make them run faster and smoother.

Have knowledge of automated testing. We want to ensure that what we provide to our users is safe and reliable: to do so you’ll have to write unit, integration, and end-to-end tests for the features you develop, or the bugs you fix, so that they won’t break unexpectedly in the future

Have knowledge of common design patterns. By following engineering best practices wherever appropriate, you will help maintain our code clean and maintainable over time, helping us providing reliable software to our partners.

Clear and effective communication, able to articulate your ideas to diverse audiences including team members and stakeholders

We value a strong ability to drive projects to completion and deliver results effectively at a sustainable pace.


🤩 Sounds great, what happens next?

Once you have hit apply, someone from our Talent team will reach out to you with an update, after they have reviewed your application (usually within 2 – 4 days of application if not sooner). Our process here will include 4 stages, and we can usually complete the whole process within 2 – 3 weeks (though we have got folks through in a week if your timing is tight!).

Phone Screen (45 minutes). Technical Round (90 minutes) and Meet the team (60 minutes). Meet our Leadership (60 Minutes).

If we do end up being fortunate enough to meet you, we will always offer a feedback call as we appreciate your time in engaging with us and our process, but also because we recognise the need for feedback to facilitate growth.


🙌 What are the benefits?

People are our core strength. We are social entrepreneurs, boasting an outstanding culture (employer net promotion score of 67) with strong values (B-Corp certified). We offer exceptional benefits and invest massively in our team’s happiness, wellbeing and growth:


✨ Compensation

Our salary packages are competitive, the role is £62,000 – £70,000 per annum in the UK. We also grant generous stock options to any permanent employee at the end of the probation period. We adjust salaries based on the cost of living index for employees based outside of the UK.


🏝 Location

This role will need to be based in one of the following countries; UK, Spain, Ireland, Germany or France. We organise regular in-person events and online socials to make sure you can meet up with peers. If you want to come to the offices in London or Berlin, you’re most welcome of course! Birdie cannot currently support any visa applications, we do require permanent right to work in the role’s location


🌱 L&D budget

Growth is key. You’ll have an annual personal development budget to put towards books, courses, trainings and conferences; continuous coaching within the team and with external experts.


🏡 Work From Home budget

Making your workspace comfortable is important to us, you’ll have access to a WFH equipment budget to ensure you have what you need.


🌴 Base holiday

33 days base holiday (25 days + 8 bank holidays).


🎄 Christmas leave

Birdie closes between Christmas and New Year so you can have some down time with your loved ones. This is in addition to your base holiday!


🎂 Birthday leave

An extra day off for your birthday (you can take this whenever you want during the year).


🫶🏻 Birdie giving days

Birdie is a B-corp and we care deeply about social impact this means you can take 2 paid days each year for volunteering to a cause you’re passionate about.


🌍 Sabbaticals

We recognise that sometimes a longer break is desired, that’s why as of 2024 we have introduced a sabbatical policy. When you have been with us for 4 years you can take up to 3 months off.


👩‍⚕️ Private health insurance

Comprehensive health insurance with AXA that covers many physical and mental health costs.


☀️ Gym and wellbeing discounts

Gym discounts and numerous other wellbeing perks via Happl.


🚲 Cycle to work scheme

Birdie will buy a bike up-front and you can salary sacrifice to pay-off over the next 12-36 months.


👼🏽 Parental Leave

Highly favourable parental leave policy; once you have spent twelve consecutive months on our payroll, primary caregivers are entitled to 26 weeks of parental leave at 100% of your usual salary and secondary caregivers are entitled to 12 weeks of parental leave, at 100% of your usual salary.


🐣 Fertility Leave

Birdie recognises the emotional and physical challenges which may arise during fertility treatments, and supports all Birdies by offering 5 additional paid days of leave.


👵🏻 Employer pension contribution

Birdie contributes 4% of your salary to your pension when you contribute 5% (UK Birdies).


⛷ Frequent company socials, trips and meals

We organise many socials, quarterly retreats and annual company-wide retreats.


🤗 Exceptional culture

We see ourselves as social entrepreneurs shaping a new kind of organisation: caring, responsible yet fostering excellence. Read The Birdie Way to learn more.


Why Birdie?

Join Birdie and seize this unique opportunity to shape the future of a transformative tech startup, to create positive social change, and develop yourself very fast in a flexible, close-knit & transparent organisation.

We have a grand vision to transform how society deals with ageing,we dream big and speed is of the essence.

We’re all entrepreneurs at Birdie.

We’re highly collaborative and iterativeEverything we do is transparent to anyone, be it objectives and key results, compensation packages and equity or strategic conversations.

Growing with trust is key. Everyone sets their own development plan and gets support to learn fast, from training to books or coaches. We live by radical candor: we give honest feedback and care deeply & personally about each other.

Join us now to improve the lives of millions!


⚖️ Equal Opportunities Statement

We are an equal opportunity employer and we strive to reduce unconscious bias throughout our hiring process. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, family or parental status, national origin, veteran, neurodiversity status or disability status.

We endeavour to embrace diversity, and promote an inclusive environment for all Birdies, and actively work towards this with our Diversity & Inclusion Committee.

If you have any questions regarding the interview process, or if you need any reasonable adjustments to be made, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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