We‘re looking for an additional Frontend Developer in our team. The role will support us in developing frontend applications and integrating APIs for our customer’s applications.

The work happens in an agile environment where open and transparent communication is essential. This is a remote position and is available for everyone who works in a time zone between GMT-01:00 and GMT+03:00.

Developing new (hybrid) Frontend Applications
We launched for our clients more than seven MVPs just this year. Therefore you‘ll develop highly focused frontend applications. Depending on the problem and need they‘ll be a SPA, Server Side Rendered, or anything in between. Our main stack is based on React.js, Next.js, and Tailwind.css.

Improving existing projects
After the launch of an MVP, we continuously improve the product. Therefore you‘ll take care of adding new features, improving the speed of the application, and fixing bugs that occur.

Getting failed projects out of the ground
Oftentimes we‘re called when a project has failed. Our task in such a scenario is to understand the situation and create a releasable increment in a short manner of time. This means clear and analytic thinking is necessary.

In any of these cases, it‘s crucial to understand the Why of the application to create the best product.

You appreciate frontend development and diverse projects

  • You‘ve got at least three years of experience as frontend developer
  • You were involved in multiple projects either green-field or existing ones
  • You implement functional and good looking UIs that support the user
  • You‘re highly knowledgeable in React.js, TypeScript, and JavaScript
  • You‘ve got at least an understanding of Next.js and hybrid architectures
  • You‘ve worked with modern CSS approaches and tools like Tailwind.css
  • You know about TDD and comfortable in using testing libraries like Jest or React Testing Library

You enjoy the integration of APIs

  • You‘ve got a deep understanding of RESTful HTTP APIs
  • You‘ve worked with GraphQL based APIs
  • You know the differences between OAuth, JWT, and other authentication mechanisms

Additionally, you might know some tidbits about the backend as well

  • You‘ve already worked with some backend technology like Ruby on Rails or Express.js
  • You‘ve got some insights into how databases work and how they‘re connected to the problem domain
We compensate for this position based on our company-wide salary guide. In summary, we
align the pay based on the top 25% salaries in the candidate’s country for the given role. We use Stack Overflows Salary Calculator as a reference.

Additional benefits are:

  • Health Insurance
  • Flexible working hours
  • High-end hardware for your work setup including a MacBook
  • No extra hours and six weeks of vacation a year – We value your time
  • We cover 100% of conference costs when you attend as a speaker
  • We pay language courses to improve your German or English

Based on your location we either employ you directly in our Germany entity or through remote.com. This allows us to hire worldwide.

After we‘ve received your application the process follows three steps.

  1. A short get to know each other within a 30min call. We’d like to learn more about you and your previous work.
  2. A tiny coding challenge to understand your level of expertise. It won‘t take long and we‘d like to see how good you are at certain aspects.
  3. A feedback session about the challenge and our offer

If you don‘t match every criterion we still would like to encourage you to apply.

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