The Supercritical mission

The climate crisis is the single-biggest threat to humanity. Supercritical’s mission is to help businesses get to net zero and to scale carbon removal technologies. We’re building software to enable companies to understand their climate impact and purchase high quality carbon removal offsets.

Join us to help carbon removal technologies to scale so that the planet is ready for net zero by 2050. Come and help us save the planet!

Why is carbon removal critical?

Carbon removal includes nature-based solutions like biochar and cutting-edge technologies that literally pull carbon from the sky and store it underground for millennia. We need to scale to remove 10 billion tons a year by 2050 to stay below 1.5 degrees of warming. This is over 14,000x the rate we are removing carbon at today. We’ve only removed a few thousand tonnes to date. This will be a trillion dollar industry by 2050.

Our values

  • We care about spending time with our families and prioritise our time accordingly.
  • We actively work on diversity and are incredibly proud that half our investors are women.
  • We value humility and self-awareness. We can’t learn if we’re not constantly seeking to improve.
  • We’re kind to each other. Life’s too short to feel shitty about yourself because someone else is being unkind.
  • We broach difficult conversations early. We can do this because we trust each other.
  • We know the best way to build a company is to test assumptions as quickly as possible. That means we push ourselves to move faster than we feel comfortable doing.
  • We are always challenging ourselves to prioritise so that we make the biggest impact.

What is the scope of the career challenge on offer?

As our first Engineering Manager, you’ll be responsible for helping us grow and develop our world-class technology team, enabling them to build software that allows our customers to easily measure, reduce, and ultimately remove carbon from the sky. You’ll manage our current team, as well as run hiring to more than double the tech team throughout the rest of this year.

You’ll be responsible for owning activities and actions such as:

  • Managing the developers in our tech team, including running 1:1s, setting OKRs, and having career progression conversations.
  • Hiring incredible developers to join our team (we’re looking to be a team of 10 in tech by the end of the year).
  • Developing our processes and ways of working.


What are we looking for in you?

We would like to understand your management experience coupled with the following skills and knowledge:

  • A proven track record of managing tech teams, and helping team members grow in their careers.
  • Adept at tech hiring, including defining and improving our hiring process, and ensuring we prioritise diversity and inclusion throughout all stages of hiring.
  • Confident running tech team processes such as onboarding, retrospectives, 5 Whys, and futurespectives.
  • Evangelise our tech work, internally and to the outside world, through blog posts, socials, and conference talks.
  • Strong communication skills, particularly with non-technical peers.


Salary: £80,000 – £110,000 per annum

  • Generous stock options
  • Unlimited annual leave
  • 1 company-wide day off every month
  • Hybrid working: remote first with option to work from a London office 1-2 days per week
  • £1000 annual wellbeing allowance
  • £500 working-from-home equipment budget
  • Monthly company socials
  • Purchase high quality carbon removal offsets for your personal emissions from our inventory

Diversity and Inclusion

We’ve been committed to building an inclusive and diverse workplace since day one of the company. We’re the only company we’re aware of with a 50:50 gender balanced list of investors and our day to day processes are always defined with D&I in mind, for example our remote first policy and flexibility around working time.

We are excited to encourage applications and interest from individuals underrepresented in the climate and tech space. Climate change and climate justice is a social issue that cuts across race and gender. We welcome applicants with lived experience across these issues.

Studies have shown that some groups of people, like women, are less likely to apply to a role unless they meet 100% of the job requirements. Whoever you are, if you like one of our jobs, we encourage you to apply as you might just be the candidate we hire.

Applicants from outside the UK

  • UK Work Sponsorship: Unfortunately, at this stage of our growth, we are unable to offer UK sponsorship to applicants.
  • Candidates who live outside the UK who are not looking to live and work in the UK, are within 3 hours of the GMT/BST timezone and are willing to travel to London quarterly are encouraged to apply. Please note we will use an Employer of Record arrangement in these circumstances

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