Job description

A little about Twenix

Who we are

‘Life is not listen and repeat’. We’re tired of having traditional language programs that are not useful to have a real conversation in your professional day-to-day.

We’re a VC-backed B2B edtech that’s helping +900 corporate clients gain confidence to speak English and improve communication daily.

Some of our metrics

  • +200% growth YoY
    • Revenue in 2020: 300k €

    • Revenue in 2023: 7,2M €

  • Revenue retention: +120% revenue retention

  • 8 CSMs (7 Spain, 1 Italy)


Management 🛠️

  • Leading the global Customer Success department by establishing clear objectives, customer metrics, and other relevant metrics to understand the performance of the entire department

  • Working with RevOps to determine and execute the customer lifecycle (pre-onboarding, onboarding, adoption, usage, value, renewal, loyalty, churn) in order to help logo retention and revenue retention based on the type of client

  • Reviewing, adjusting, and overseeing all CS processes: onboarding, training, message, touchpoints, service, upsell/cross-sell, renewals, churns

  • Measuring, reporting and analyzing other’s reports on the effectiveness of the Customer Success initiatives

  • Implementing a customer-first approach through the company and different stakeholders to make visible to relevance and value of customer success

  • Help Marketing identify and profile the different buyer’s people based on the size of the company and collaborate in the marketing strategy related to the renewal of clients

  • Understand client needs and industry trends to identify opportunities for upselling, cross-selling, and product enhancements.

Team Management 🤝

  • Evolving the compensation plans for the entire CS team, encouraging to achieve their business goals, and the logo and revenue retention

  • Cross-functional team management with other departments (product, finance, revops, new business, marketing, data) aiming to improve key internal processes regarding clients

  • Coaching, mentoring, guidance, and support to team members of the department, helping them develop themselves to achieve the business goals

  • Helping CS Team Lead to recruiting, attracting, and onboarding new CS team members to make a successful onboarding experience (less than 3 months)

  • Defining the CS team structure based on roles (renewals, service, customer success, account managers…)

  • Establishing clear performance expectations and goals for the CS team, regularly reviewing their performance, and providing feedback to drive continuous improvement

Revenue 💰

  • Designing and developing the CS business plan for next years based on logo retention and revenue retention

  • Leading, designing, and implementing revenue strategies to expand (upsell, cross-sell) and recover clients across different countries

Job requirements

Must have 🔝

  • Experienced working with startups

  • +7 years of experience in the CS department

  • Advanced English level

  • High organizational and data-driven skills

  • High knowledge of tools (Hubspot)

  • High team management and communication skills

Nice to have 🤘

  • Spanish fluency

  • Experienced in the language learning industry

  • Experienced selling to HR


  • Hybrid position to work from Madrid or 100% remote in Europe

  • Excellent work environment, based on commitment and teamwork

  • Unlimited English training with our Twenix methodology 🙂

  • Flexible compensation with Cobee (food, transportation, and training)

  • Well- being plan

  • Birthday day off! 🎉

Our values ❤

People: We believe that people are at the core of all growth, so we always strive to apply a policy of trust, humility, integrity, and freedom with every team member.

Ambition: Both personally and professionally.

Data & Customer Centric Driven: Everything we do is based on how to grow a customer and always, hand in hand with data.

Continuous learning: We like to break things, learn, and implement them again. We love to learn constantly.

Twenix has offices in Almería and Madrid and is ranked among one of the 35 most promising startups in Spain. We have over 80 professionals eager to break the language barrier in companies, where large investment funds like JME, Inveready, Brighteye, or Sabadell VC are accompanying us on this journey.

Are you ready to join the Twenix rocket and take off together? 🚀

To promote equality, we have implemented the following measure in our company: Candidates from under-represented genders will be considered for promotion to any vacant position based on equal opportunity principles.

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