Building technology companies has never been easier than today. Times are over, where savvy businessmen had to search months for engineers to help build a business idea. With No-Code the entry barriers into the market are non-existent.

What makes the difference is how companies are discovered, and perceived on the internet. We at tl;dv love to spend 10% building, 90% distributing. We’re bold. We love memes. We love interaction-based marketing. Is it even called interaction-based marketing? We don’t care!! The best practices taught at the business school are already dead. Let’s set new boundaries and fill the marketing textbooks of the future. We might also do some pretty basic stuff, though.

You’ll be working closely with our CEO Rapha and Design/UX Lead Thali on:

  • Build SEO strategy and on-site content
    • Async-first meetings as main topic
    • Deep dives into various other use cases for tl;dv
  • Twitter, Twitter, Twitter
  • Meme-Marketing
  • Video podcast series featuring tech industry leaders
  • Did we mention Twitter?
  • Product marketing
  • Copy, copy, copy – we love copy!
  • Bring ideas into the mix! It’s time to play!

🚀 Apply 👩‍🚀👨‍🚀

Send an E-Mail to hello@tldv.io with more info about you and why you’re interested in the position at tl;dv.

Please keep in mind – we’re looking to hire our early team heroes that are in for the long run! The more time and care you put into the application, the higher your chances to be considered 🙂

After a successful screening, the next step is a conversation with Rapha, our CEO. We really can’t wait to hear from you! ✨

P.S.: ALL applicants will get a reply.