Fair HQ is the first tech platform to help startups, scale-ups and VCs embed diversity & inclusion across their businesses and remove bias from their processes & behaviours. Some of our customers have called Fair HQ their “Head of D&I”, which we find both rewarding & fitting. We’re an early-stage startup backed by prominent London VCs and amazing tech founders.

We exist because the world we’re living in today is not (yet) fair — someone’s background & identity still influence how they’re able to navigate the world of work. We’re here to change that. Join us on our mission to create a truly meritocratic society. We’re Fair (it’s in the name!) — we won’t judge you on your background, but on your passion, skills and experience.


Your responsibility will be to creatively solve any problem that gets thrown your way – end to end. In exchange, you’ll get a front-row seat taking the company from 0 to 1. And, more importantly, you’ll gain the skills, network and experience to accelerate your personal growth & career.

You’ll be working directly with the CEO. You’ll get to wear lots of hats: company strategy, fundraising, business operations, marketing, business development, hiring, product, etc ‐ whatever is the top priority. We’ll divide and conquer.

The “tour of duty” will be for 24 months. After that, you can move to a new role within the company, or even start your own. We’ll help you think through options and support you in any direction you decide to go.

We are a fully remote team that periodically meet in person in cool cities across the UK & Europe. Your typical day will consist of a mix of Zoom/Around calls with our team and customers, focused thinking time, and shared collaboration using online tools.


  • Business Operations: help organize and manage a picture of key priories, projects, decisions, and actions that should be in the line with brain space of the CEO and our leadership team.
  • Support team growth: help us build a high performing, diverse and inclusive team in all areas of business.
  • Special Projects: an extra set of hands to help with key priorities on anything from Product to Growth.
  • Company Strategy: act as a strategic advisor and highly trusted confidant to discuss and pressure-test ideas.

IMPORTANT: Please apply even if you don’t have experience with all of the above. We’re really happy for you to learn on the job.


  • Super organiser — you see beauty in bringing order to everything, ideally working on many things at the same time. You’re always thinking, ‘How can we do this better, faster or cheaper?‘. You never drop the ball.
  • Strategic thinker — you love connecting the dots and seeing the bigger picture. You make a plan and execute it flawlessly and quickly, ruthlessly prioritising to focus only on the high impact things.
  • Fast learner – constantly learning new things brings you excitement and fulfilment. Rather than relying on hand-holding, you love to figure things out from scratch. You thrive in a fast-paced environment, otherwise, you get bored.
  • People person – you love interacting with people and building relationships. Most importantly, you care deeply about them and do your best to make them successful.
  • Trusted advisor – you’re a great listener, confidant and advisor at the same time. You can easily manage complicated & delicate situations.


  • 💸 Salary is £35,000-55,000/year for UK based employees. The exact salary will be decided according to your experience, it is negotiable.
  • 🚀 Employee stock options – get a piece of the company success you help to create (after probation)
  • 🐙 Flexible & remote working
  • 💻 MacBook
  • 🎧 Remote home-working set up (using HOFY) or access to part-time hotdesking in your location (after probation, but can be agreed on earlier if needed)
  • 🏝 30 days of holidays incl. UK bank holidays + plenty of paid leave options
  • 🤓 Personal development plan: access to tools, books and people
  • 🍝 Fascinating lunch & learns with experts in the industry
  • 🌆 Team retreats in cool locations such as Lisbon, Amsterdam & Prague
  • 🩺 Private health insurance or online GP service up to £35/month – (after probation)
  • 💪 Other benefits tailored to your needs
  • 🎁 Some surprise presents throughout the year

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