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We are looking for a hard working business intelligence analyst that is passionate about metrics and telling the stories behind the data. You will be a professional in insights storytelling, communication and visualization and know how to create action from metrics. Crafting effective intelligent benchmarks, understanding performance, caring about data quality, enabling automation and creating phenomenal visualizations and stories are things that drive you.

Who You Are:

    • 4+ years of professional experience delivering business intelligence in related tech/consumer field, experience working within a B2C subscription-based business is a plus.
    • A fantastic communicator and can work cross functionally with business partners.
    • You shine most at encouraging others to carry forward and execute a strategy without needing to be in the room.
    • You bring passion and playfulness to your work and those around you.

What You’ll Do:

    • Technical competence to autonomously build out a powerful analytics suite: deep experience with analytics and data design (SQL) as well as visualization tools (Tableau) is required, and coding skills (such as R, Python, or Scala).
    • Utilize a strong business acumen: deep knowledge of how to design KPIs, diagnostic metrics and benchmarks, including how to set effective targets to drive optimal outcomes.
    • Develop and articulate data stories and show them to your stakeholders.

Where You’ll Be:

    • We are a distributed workforce enabling our band members to find a work mode that is best for them!
    • Where in the world? For this role, it can be within the EMEA region in which we have a work location and is within working hours.
    • Working hours? We operate within the Central European and GMT time zones for collaboration and ask that all be located that time zone.
    • Prefer an office to work from home instead? Not a problem! We have plenty of options for your working preferences. Find more information about our Work From Anywhere options here.

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