Backend Engineer (Internship)

🔎 NAS is looking for a Backend Engineer intern to join us to redefine amateur basketball experience and build NBA2K in real life.

⛹️ Our first application, HalfCourt, redefines the amateur basketball experience by merging sports and entertainment like nothing before. With AI, we transform ordinary phone recordings into thrilling highlight reels, player rankings, and performance stats, enabling everyday players to shine like stars and basketball culture to break geographic barriers.

🧠 Some of the early challenges you could be working on:

  • You will work on the application backend build in Python and deployed on GCP and AWS. We are about to launch our app in New York, the mecca of Basketball.
  • We will continue to deploy machine learning models in the cloud. We value a curiosity to learn more about deploying machine learning in production.

👾 Our tech stack

  • Python (Flask API) for app development and machine learning
  • GCP and AWS as cloud providers
  • serverless and AWS CDK with some bits of terraform
  • Flutter and Swift for mobile development
  • PyTorch for deep learning

🎯 You will be a good fit if….

  • You like to wear many hats. We are a small team with a lot of things to figure out. You are comfortable in such an environment.
  • You care about outcomes rather than outputs.

📅 Week by week…

During the first week, you will:

  • Get to know our leadership, culture and values
  • Onboard with the app team
  • Ship your first commit on day 1
  • Take on 1-2 small tickets to address bugs or make minor improvements

During your first six weeks, you will:

  • Ship your first significant project
  • Write your first blog post
  • Record your basketball matches with our app

During your first six months, you will:

  • Work with our product team and growth team to scope and ship products for our athletes
  • Help grow our team by mentoring new interns like you, writing internal tooling and documentation

🛠️ Requirements:

  • Proficient in Python 3.10 and up. You have built API endpoints before for personal projects or school/university.
  • Basic understanding of the TCP/IP stack
  • Proficient at SQL and NoSQL
  • AWS and/or GCP experience is a big pro
  • You are eager to learn more

🎙️ Interview process:

We keep our interview process quick and fast. You can expect the following:

  • 15 min intro call with the CTO & co-founder
  • 90 min culture and analytical skills test
  • 90 min technical code test
  • [optional] talk to the team
  • 1.5 hour pair coding with CTO & co-founder

🗺️ Where are you located

NAS is remote first. We have team members ranging from Europe to Brazil.

  • You’re located in a time zone between Istanbul, Turkey and Chicago

Company benefits

💸 During the internship, you get paid $500. This will increase significantly if you convert to a full-term position

🌎 We’re remote-first. Work from wherever you want, within between Istanbul and Chicago

🎓 Additional professional training after you have been with us for at least three months

🏝️ 25 days holiday (excl. bank holidays)

🧘 Free subscription to the Headspace mindfulness app

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