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About Frontastic

Founded in 2017, Frontastic is a 100% remote company, with over 30 employees in over 13 countries (and counting). Frontastic is a Commerce Frontend Platform that unites business and development teams to build commerce sites on headless. Within a short time, Frontastic has successfully established itself as the new standard for commerce frontends, with customers seeing higher conversion rates, increased developer productivity, and faster time to market.

About the role

Frontastic is looking for an Agile Project Manager (f/*/m) to join the team on a full-time basis (32-40hrs). We’re a remote company currently operating in the Europe/Berlin timezone and are looking for candidates from the EMEA region in UTC-UTC+3 timezones.

Let commerce teams build the incredible — that’s our mission. Frontastic delivers a commerce frontend platform that delivers value for customers who have a high demand for front-end excellence. Usually, our customers build their commerce based on our product with internal resources or with their external agency. But for special customers, we offer this service as well. For these customer projects, we are looking for a project manager.

Do you have a background in managing commerce projects and a deep understanding of agile development? Are you a great communicator who thrives in meeting new people? Then this position could be perfect for you!

What you’ll do

Together with a small team, you’ll work on our special customer projects. On the one hand, this means being responsible for managing the setup of customer projects. On the other, it’s about managing our internal special (growth) development team.


  • Own Frontastic’s customer projects
  • Manage the projects, internal and external communication, and resources
  • Work and make decisions with both content and business in mind
  • Translate customer requirements into user stories and acceptance criteria
  • Be responsible for the creation and maintenance of a project backlog, accompany the sprint planning and find the optimal solution in case of queries regarding the backlog items
  • Collaborate with Team Product to prioritise features that are valuable, usable, and align with the product strategy

Our values

Our team strives to constantly improve itself following these values:

  • Make an impact: We’re here to change the industry and we’re in it to win it. We’re incredibly focused and our main focus is on customer success. We boldly go out of our comfort zones, we support each other and we love doing what we do.
  • Thirst for learning: We’re addicted to learning and we learn from everything. We embrace our failures as they’re something we can learn from and only help us to improve. We think differently and we know that change is good. We’re curious and innovation leads the way, we’re constantly on the lookout for new ideas that can help our customers (and the world).
  • Diversity rules: We’re proud to be a diverse team spread across the world. We empower the under-represented and we build a safe community for everyone to be themselves while holding each other to account when needs be. We use asynchronous communication as we’re a remote company and need to be aware that we’re not always online at the same time.
  • We’re in this together: As colleagues, with our customers, and with our communities, co-operation and collaboration are key. We help one another as much as we can and we care for each other. We celebrate our successes together and we strive to find the right balance in our lives.
  • Transparency first: We make all information as public as possible and we’re direct (as well as truthful) in all our communications. We don’t just explain what we’re doing but why we’re doing it. This is how we create positive relationships and move forward together.

How’s working at Frontastic?

  • We’re remote native. From the very beginning, our company was built in a way that makes sense for remote workers. That goes for our processes and tools as well as our culture and ways of working.
  • We’re async first. We’re growing rapidly and gradually opening up additional time zones. For this reason — and because we all have different daily routines — we embrace asynchronous communication. But we very much value the synchronous time we spend together — like virtual and in-person events and synchronous meetings (that we keep short and rare with the tool Remeet).
  • We’re flexible first. It’s normal for us to work ‘odd’ hours. For us, this means that we can take time off during the day for personal errands. There’s very few fixed expectations regarding working hours, so long as your work gets done.
  • We’re a diverse team. For us, diversity isn’t just one of our values (Diversity rules). It’s deeply anchored in our strategy and mindset. We value the broad personality types we have in our teams. We want people to feel safe bringing their true self to work. For us, it doesn’t matter if you’re a woman, a person of color, part of the LGBTQ+ community, if you’re a person with a disability, or if you belong to any other minority — we see that as an advantage that can only make us better in achieving our vision.
  • We’re transparent. We believe that we can only be successful with the greatest possible transparency. Our value Transparency first doesn’t just mean that we deal openly with information. We also work hard to maintain our open and honest culture by giving direct feedback and solving problems with constructiveness and kindness.

How’s working in our Customer Success team?

We help customers succeed. Our team name describes exactly what’s central to us: the success of our customers. We see ourselves as a service provider and work proactively with our customers to achieve the greatest possible success using our product. This is where our value Make an impact really drives us every day.

We’re a genuine team. Customer Success also means meeting the high expectations of our enterprise customers quickly and in the best possible way. We know we can rely on each other (We’re in this together) — both within the team and beyond the team — we have the support we need to solve any challenge.

We’re passionate learners. When we interact with our customers, we’re constantly encountering something new — both in our product and our customers’ systems and interfaces. Our value Thirst for learning has special meaning for our team. Only by learning can we achieve the best possible impact for our customers.

Your package

We have put together a package for our employees which we think is pretty awesome, but you can judge for yourself.

  • Company laptop
  • An expense policy to support you in creating your workspace in a way that is most effective for you
  • Flexible working as standard, as long as you’re available when needed and your work gets done, you’re free to choose your own schedule
  • Contribution towards your private medical insurance where health insurance is not mandatory/organized at the government level
  • Allowance for your home office, or for a co-working space
  • 42 days of paid leave entitlement, including public holidays

Since we currently work from 13 different countries (and counting), it’s very difficult to offer consistent benefits beyond this.

Job requirements

Who you are

This isn’t a junior position, which doesn’t mean you need to have worked in this role before. Either way, you’ll be aware of your talent for managing commerce projects and a knowledge of agile.

  • You reside and work in the EMEA region (UTC to UTC +3)
  • You are a great communicator that thrives on talking to new people
  • 3+ years of experience in commerce projects and good knowledge of popular technologies and trends
  • Organizational talent and knowledge in agile development
  • You are able to run several projects in parallel while remaining on top of things
  • Have good written and verbal communication skills in English and German – as many of our customers are from Germany

We’d love to hear from you

If this Agile Project Manager role sounds interesting to you, please apply with a short tweet-style “why me” and have your CV attached (as pdf).

Our hiring process for this role is:

  • CV screening
  • 4 email pre-screening stages with our hiring team
  • Initial panel interview with two members of our team
  • A 2nd interview may also be required with other members of the customer success or sales team

We aim to respond to candidates within 48 hours.

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