In the digital age, content rules.
More people are now involved in creating and distributing content, than ever before. We have all become the media, the media has been marginalized and brands are now broadcasters.
Everyone has a story to tell or something to sell. A need to create and connect, post and publish, showcase and share.
So, say hello to Strapi! We exist to fuel the world’s creativity and productivity by unleashing the power of content.
Beyond a headless CMS, we are building an open composable content platform. Infinite customization capabilities, the largest open-source community, and a broad open-ecosystem.
It’s open-source. Javascript. Headless. Community first. And free. And will stay that way. Forever.

At Strapi, our mission is to empower millions of people to share content everywhere.

Traditional Content Management Systems have been around for years. But, today, content needs to be displayed on a ton of platforms (mobile applications, IoT, etc.). Even the way to create a website has drastically changed: developers use modern front-end frameworks (React, Vue, Angular, etc.). For all of these reasons, a new kind of CMS appeared on the market to make content available on any platform (through an API): the Headless CMS.
That’s why we created Strapi, the leading open-source Headless Content Management System. With more than 42k+ stars on GitHub, 3M+ downloads, and a worldwide community, Strapi is used by tens of thousands of companies such as ASOS, Walmart, Nasa, etc.
🙏🏾 Why is your role important at Strapi?
After the release of Strapi Enterprise Edition in June 2020, Strapi has quickly grown its customer base. This customer base includes important accounts: Rakuten, Tesco, IBM, eBay, Mitsubishi, etc. Our revenue is booming with a solid double-digit growth month over month. Currently, the Team is 5 people, including a VP, a Pre-Sales Engineer, a Partner Development Manager, and an Account Manager. To accelerate our growth, we’re looking for an Account Executive to handle the increasing flow of leads & inquiries.

Take a look at Sales Manual and Our Top 3 Principles to Effective Sales and Engineering Alignment to know more about us.

This role is remote, in EMEA, +/-2h from Paris hour (in order to ensure great communication with our prospects and customers).
👥 What’s the Sales Team culture & mindset?
☎️ Inbound-centric: We only work with inbound material. We receive qualified leads from our fantastic Marketing team! Each prospect you’ll be in touch with will already be acquainted with Strapi.
🤑 No commissions: … We hope you’re still here! We don’t believe people will necessarily work harder for money nor that Salespeople deserve more than other employees. Moreover, this no-commission approach gives you full liberty to embrace a deep guidance methodology with the customers you’ll deal with and fully transparent collaboration with your teammates.
🌈 Diversity & Inclusion: we’re committed to building a diverse, safe & healthy work atmosphere and pay even more attention to our Sales Department to reflect this engagement.
👏🏻 Caring approach: Care is one of our six values. Not only do we want to care for our employees (have a look at our benefits package to have an idea), but we also want to be real partners to our customers. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with them, not sell at all costs!

📋How do my job will look like at on a daily basis?

    • You ensure our users are successful by understanding their project and insuring that Strapi is a good fit for their use case
    • You qualify leads (there is no SDR in the team) and build a strong relationship with the most promising ones.
    • You manage mid-market and complex enterprise sales cycles with multiple engagement points: IT, Product Management, Marketing teams, and other lines of business.
    • You navigate through the procurement process to close deals.
    • You facilitate the transition to the Customer Success Managers when a deal is closed.
    • You store and update information in the tools we use (HubSpot, Chargebee, etc.).
    • You document our processes in our Sales handbook.
    • You share feedback you receive with the Product team.
    • You refine our go-to-market strategy for the relevant markets and organizations in your territory.
    • You trigger a strategic account to an Account Manager.
    • You are an expert in Strapi, and in Headless CMSs in general.

💙 About you:

      • A strong desire for making our users successful.
      • A passion for technical products and a hands-on behavior
      • Always looking to understand the “why” behind the “why”
      • Experience in selling technical software.
      • Experience in selling to developers.
      • Familiar with Sales Methodology such as MEDDIC.
      • Strong interpersonal and presentation skills.
      • Outstanding verbal and written English communication skills.
It’s even better if you’re:
      • Familiar with the JAMstack ecosystem.
      • Preferred experience with Content Management Systems.
We don’t expect a great hire to meet every requirement we have listed. If you can see yourself elevating the team, we want to hear about your story. Few of us would be here had we not taken a chance.

👾 Strapi benefits mindset:

    •        Work from anywhere: we’re a remote-first company, so we can work wherever home is. And WiFi.
    •        Expanded health benefits: Including premium medical, dental, and vision coverage.
    •        Equity for everyone: we win together. On top of a competitive salary, every Strapier has equity that grows with you in the company.
    •        Parents on a mission: 16 weeks fully paid parental leave for every new Strapi parent.
    •        You’ll always be up to date: we’ll cover all hardware and software needed so you’re always with the latest versions.
    •        Grow as you are: from day one, we provide budget and tools to learn and grow both professionally and personally.
    •        Bi-annual off sites: we gather physically (when possible) or virtually all together for a week twice a year.
    •        Mental health support: we offer unlimited Moka.care one-on-one sessions with certified specialists

💥 Our Talent Acquisition process:

      • This process tends to take 2-3 weeks max, but happy to adapt to your specific needs.
      • Meet the team!
      • First video call with the Talent Acquisition Team or the hiring Manager
      • Technical assessment & Assessment debriefing
      • Team meetings (with a few Strapiers)
      • Call with one of Strapi’s founders
      • References check
      • Values assessment
    • At any moment, the process can stop, and the team will be happy to give you a call to share their feedback or get into more details.
🎉 Celebrating You being YOU!
Strapi’s mission is to empower the worldwide community of users to build a million tailor-made projects. To do that, we are growing a diverse team representative of the users we serve. We are committed to building a safe workplace where everyone feels empowered to bring their authentic selves. By being you and bringing your unique difference, perspective, culture, experience, lifestyle, and challenge, you actually help all of us succeed and grow to be the best version of ourselves!
It is important to us to create an accessible and inclusive candidate experience. Please let us know if there are any adjustments we can make to assist you during the hiring and interview process.

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