About punchlab

Punchlab is a fitness tracking app for home-based workouts. Indeed it is the only home-fitness app on the market to track the activity of its users in real-time.

Our mission is to create the most engaging home-based workouts
If you look at the status of fitness technology, you will see massive progress tracking and entertainment technology (Peloton, Mirror, Tonal, Climbr). This is probably the first real industry improvement from the 80's aerobic VHS classes. Nevertheless, all these products still focus on a very limited set of cardio-based activities: running, cycling, climbing, rowing. But why is that the case? partially is because these are activities you can do inside an apartment, while other extremely popular sports like soccer, basket, baseball, don't really fit small enclosed spaces. But also because these are very simple sports that can be done with little or no learning. This is a great advantage, but it comes at an equally big expense: these are all extremely boring activities to do, especially alone and inside an apartment.

We believe that technology is only as good as the activity you apply it to, and even if you are sitting on the most expensive connected bike money can buy, it can still tell you to either go faster or slower.
We dare to take a different approach: Let's start with one of the most exciting activities that can be done in a limited space: boxing and combat sports (for brevity: "boxing" from now on). Let's use technology to promote its strengths (rich, exciting, and interactive activity), and mitigate its limitations (complex, needs to be learned). In a vertical like the fitness one, where novelty is not rejected but is often seen as a motivational hack, we believe it is a matter of creating a great product and a strong community to make boxing a truly mainstream sport and PunchLab the latest fitness trend.

Boxing is the only home-compatible fitness activity that can be deeply gamified and that can truly benefit from technological improvements.

PunchLab history and milestones
After being a side project for roughly one year, PunchLab SRL was founded in Rome in 2019 as we entered the Luiss Enlabs acceleration program in Rome. On such occasion, we received 80.000 euros from the accelerator to test and scale our business. We re-built our App from scratch, added workouts created by international coaches, and started actively acquiring users using paid ads campaigns. The results obtained in those 5 months attracted the attention of one of the most important early-stage investors in Italy, PrimoMiglio SGR. With them and Luiss Venture group, we closed a 300.000 euro investment round in May 2020.

Today PunchLab has more than 200k downloads on the store and 300 paying users.
We are steadily growing our paying user base by +20% month over month with paid ad campaigns with a positive lifetime value. We sold PunchLab in more than 70 countries and 65% of our customers are in the U.S. We are in the process of closing an additional financial round to build an exceptional team, scale up our marketing efforts, reach 100.000 euro MRR, and open our Serie-A round by the end of 2021.

Follow-along Workouts
Like many fitness Apps, PunchLab offers to its users a vast collection of combat sports inspired workouts.

PunchLab workouts are audio-first, the interface might enrich the experience, but they can be followed without looking at the screen.
The user can follow the coaches instruction and execute boxing and kicking combinations either at the punching bag or shadowboxing (without hitting a target). Workouts are characterized by combat, or fitness specific themes, teaching the user the best combinations for specific combat situations, or creating the best workout routine for a specific fitness goal. The user can choose between on-demand content, or to subscribe to structured workout plans that offer weekly workouts based on the goals and level of the user.

Activity tracker
When a user subscribes to a premium membership, it will unlock the tracking functionalities of PunchLab. By subscribing he will receive a punching-bag strap to secure the smartphone to the punching bag.

Once the phone is secured on the punching bag, using the motion sensing technology of the smartphone, PunchLab is able to detect, measure, and react with the strikes thrown at the bag.
During the workout the user receives real-time feedback on numer and force of the strikes, as well as an estimation of the calories spent. Furthermore, a round-by-round log of past workouts is saved for future reference.

Workout studio:
From a coach prospective, PunchLab is structured similarly as a social: we can activate specific users and give them a "coach" status. They will have access to their own channel, and can be followed by other users.

Rather than needing recording studios or professional equipment, coaches can build and record workouts using our in-app "workout studio" interface.
The coach records the workouts in audio format and the app is able to show pre-recorded videos that display correct technique while the coach is talking. Using this system we are able to easily organize the work of many coaches producing content for us remotely without setting up recording studios all over the world.

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